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The Music Tells the Tale

Over the course of the last few months, this blog has explored various aspects of the story of SWEENEY TODD, and while I have touched a few times on the music of the show, it seems fitting for the music of SWEENEY to get its own post the week we open the show (coincidentally also … Continued

Why I’m Glad We’re Producing SWEENEY TODD

[Be warned; the following contains spoilers for SWEENEY TODD!] I’ll admit it; I don’t like horror movies. I’ve tried. I’m the person who squirms at every suspenseful chord or jump cut. I get queasy at the sight of blood. Over the years I have paid movie theaters a lot of money for the privilege of … Continued

Thomsen Talk: March 2017

Warning: This blog is extremely personal. If you’ve read my bio in the stagebill, you’ve seen that I attended Wisconsin Lutheran College. I actually had Lutheran education from nursery school through college. In grade school, we were taught the difference between Law and Gospel, and I remember in our 8th grade confirmation class being taught … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Gretchen Wolfmeyer

Gretchen Wolfmeyer hasn’t been with QCT a year, and yet she feels like she’s always been a part of the QCT family. If you’ve been lucky enough to meet her, you know she’s a bubbly and friendly presence! So how did she come to play one of the most notoriously wicked characters ever written? We … Continued

The Ingredients of a Show

If you stop by QCT this week, you’ll likely find every corner busy with preparations for SWEENEY TODD which opens next week. It literally takes a community to produce any show and SWEENEY is no exception. There are twenty-seven actors in the show, six of whom are new to QCT, and countless volunteers who help … Continued

Inspired by Kindness

With only a few more weeks before SWEENEY TODD opens, the cast is busy rehearsing, putting final touches on their lines and musical numbers, and making sure every scene is perfect. In the midst of what can be an exhausting time for these actors, there’s something exciting happening behind-the-scenes that is bringing positive energy to … Continued

A Light in the Dark

One of the bright spots in the tale of SWEENEY TODD is the story of Anthony and Johanna. Johanna is the daughter of Sweeney Todd, and Anthony is the sailor who rescued Sweeney and helped him return to London. It’s love at first sight for Anthony who vows to rescue Johanna from the asylum where … Continued

Respect. Forgiveness. Encouragement.

A few weeks ago, I visited with Artistic Director Brandon Thomsen about why he wanted to bring Sweeney to QCT and his perspectives on the show, the story, and the deeper meaning. You can read that blog post here: Why Sweeney. In that same conversation, we also talked about how the cast is approaching the … Continued

Designing Sweeney

I have been volunteering in the costume shop at QCT since August, and years before that I worked for a small ballet company in their costume shop, so it should come as no surprise that costumes are one of my favorite aspects of the theatre world. Whether it’s an old costume being reconfigured or an … Continued

Why Sweeney?

When QCT’s Artistic Director Brandon Thomsen first encountered Sweeney Todd on a PBS special in 2001, he was completely captivated. Even though it was a concert version with minimal staging and no period costumes, he was really brought in by the story, by the twists and turns, and the overall performance. The complexity of the … Continued

Discovering Sweeney

If you’re like me, Sweeney Todd might not be what first comes to mind when you think of a great musical. Other than the 2007 movie starring Johnny Depp, which I never actually saw, I was completely unfamiliar with the story of Sweeney Todd. Naturally, when I heard QCT was bringing this show to Quincy, … Continued

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