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Student Theatre

Students who participate in the performing arts, both onstage and backstage display higher levels of empathy later in life, gain confidence, and see increased academic performance. Students at QCT have the opportunity to participate in professional quality productions, while learning lifelong skills that will benefit them well beyond the theatre.

Upcoming Student Theatre Shows

Lost Girl

Jun 12, 2024 — Jun 16, 2024

What ever happened to Wendy Darling in the years following her childhood adventure with Peter Pan? Even though she has left the nursery window open all these years in the hope of Peter’s return, long gone are the flights of fancy, pirates, princesses and Neverland. Wendy decides that she must find Peter to reclaim her … Continued

The Phantom Tollbooth

Oct 17, 2024 — Oct 20, 2024
Student Theatre Production

Told with whimsey, humor and moments of danger and intrigue, Norton Juster’s enduring fantasy adventure novel is brought to life on the stage. Milo, a very bored young boy whose bedroom is overflowing with toys, receives a strange package containing a make-believe tollbooth. As he drives through it in his toy car, he is transported … Continued

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