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Peter Pan
September 24-25

Main Stage Musical

This holiday season, “just think of lovely things, and your heart will fly on wings” as Peter Pan returns to Quincy Community Theatre. The mysterious and ageless Peter Pan arrives in the Darling nursery, where he whisks Wendy, Michael, and John to the island of their dreams where no one grows old: Neverland. There, they encounter the island’s fascinating inhabitants, including a ticking crocodile and menacing pirates led by the dastardly, devious Captain Hook. Based on J.M. Barrie’s classic tale and featuring an unforgettable score, Peter Pan is the evergreen celebration of childhood’s joy and the sweet sadness of growing up. 

LOOKING FOR: STUDENTS ages 8 and up & ADULTS 18+.

Please be sure to schedule an audition and complete and print the audition form and bring it with you to your audition. You may also arrive earlier to complete a form at QCT.

IF AUDITION SLOTS ARE FULL, you may contact Director Brandon Thomsen at

No previous theatre experience is required. We encourage performers of all ethnicities to audition.

The initial audition will be an individual appointment that consists of singing a prepared song and then reading from the script. A dance audition and/or callback will be held Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Production Team

Director: Brandon Thomsen
Choreographer: Alison Shafer 
Scenic Designer: Andy Trusley
Lighting Designer: Ken Phillips  

Available Roles

Wendy Darling 

The eldest Darling child. Wendy is compassionate, incredibly loving, inquisitive, and very protective. She is on the cusp of growing up. This character flies, and the actor must be comfortable with heights and the experience of swinging high above the stage. 
Gender: Female 
Character Age: 12 to 16 
Vocal range top: D5 
Vocal range bottom: A3 

John Darling 

The middle Darling child. A sly smile is always at home on John’s face. He has a mischievous twinkle in his eye and is always ready for an adventure. This character flies, and the actor must be comfortable with heights and the experience of swinging high above the stage. 
Gender: Male 
Character Age: 11 to 14 
Vocal range top: D4 
Vocal range bottom: A2 

Michael Darling 

The youngest Darling child. Never far from his favorite Teddy, Michael is sweet and innocent. He is ever so lovable and very huggable. This character flies, and the actor must be comfortable with heights and the experience of swinging high above the stage. 
Gender: Male 
Character Age: 8 to 10 
Vocal range top: D4 
Vocal range bottom: A2 

Mrs. Darling 

The Darling matriarch. Mrs. Darling glides about gently but swiftly from task to task with motherly precision. She has a pleasant strength to her demeanor. 
Gender: Female 
Character Age: 30 to 45 
Vocal range top: C5 
Vocal range bottom: D4 

Mr. Darling 

A bit of grouch, Mr. Darling is a professional who happens to be a father. His ego is fragile. Though sparkles of his love peak through from time to time, he often has places to go and people to see.  
Gender: Male 
Character Age: 30 to 50 
Vocal range top: E4 
Vocal range bottom: C3 

Peter Pan 

Childhood and boyishness personified, Peter is athletic and not shy about taking to flight when the moment suits him. His reflexes are catlike and his presence exhilarating. A creature of constant motion – mentally and physically. He yearns for a mother; his cockiness hides the fact that his heart is broken: Long ago, after he flew out the nursery window, he returned to find that his mother had closed the window and another boy was sleeping in his bed. This character flies, and the actor must be comfortable with heights and the experience of swinging high above the stage. 
Character Gender: Male, but may be played by either gender 
Character Age: a boy of a non-descript age 
Vocal range top: C4 
Vocal range bottom: Eb2 

Captain Hook 

The one-handed captain of the Jolly-Roger. Relentless and restless in his pursuit of Peter Pan, Hook is meticulous and maniacal. 
Gender: Male 
Character Age: 30 to 55 
Vocal range top: F#4 
Vocal range bottom: C#3 


Captain Hook’s knockabout lackey. He is loveable and loves to serve.  
Gender: Male 
Character Age: 28 to 60 
Vocal range top: F#4 
Vocal range bottom: D3 

Tiger Lily 

A striking leader of the warriors that roam Neverland. She commands the stage and moves about it with pride and incredible connection to the earth.  
Gender: Female 
Character Age: 14 to 20 
Vocal range top: C5 
Vocal range bottom: Ab3 

Grownup Wendy 

Now a married woman with a child. She is deeply committed to her daughter, Jane, yet her heart aches that she cannot fly out the window with Peter Pan. 
Gender: Female 
Character Age: 30 to 45 


Grownup Wendy’s little daughter. She loves the stories of Peter Pan and wants to fly to Neverland. This character flies, and the actor must be comfortable with heights and the experience of swinging high above the stage. 
Gender: Female 
Character Age: 10 to 13 


The housekeeper of the Darling Family who has too much work to do and cannot stop and play with the children. She doubts Nana’s concerns.  
Gender: Female 
Character Age: adult 

The Warriors 

Hunters in Neverland who roam the land. Strong dancers.  

The Lost Boys 

The boys who fell out of their baby carriages and were whisked to Neverland. They are mischievous and always at play, but at heart, they are lonely. Peter Pan is their leader.  

  • Slightly 
  • Tootles 
  • Curly 
  • Nibs 
  • 1st Twin 
  • 2nd Twin 

The Pirates 

A motley crew of misfits who admire their dastardly leader, Captain Hook, and are eager to serve him and execute his villainous plans. 

  • Starkey 
  • Cecco 
  • Noodler 
  • Mullins 
  • Jukes 
  • (Smee) 

The Animals, portrayed by actors with physical dexterity (non-speaking/non-singing) 

  • Nana, the nursemaid to the Darling Children, who happens to also be a dog 
  • Crocodile, who swallowed Hook’s hand and a ticking clock and is on the hunt for Hook’s other hand 
  • The Neverbird, a unique bird, indigenous to Neverland, who is difficult to catch 

Important Dates

First Rehearsal: Tuesday, October 2 
Tech/Flying Rehearsals: November 18-22, 26 
Dress Rehearsals: November 27-29 
Sponsor Performance: November 30 
Performances: Dec. 1-2, 7-8-9 (7:30 pm), 2-3, 9, 10 (2 pm) 

If you intend to audition, please take note of the following:

  • The initial audition will be held as a 10-minute individual appointment in person at QCT.
  • Each person auditioning should come to the audition with a prepared song to sing, in the style of the music of Peter Pan. You are welcome to sing from the show, if you choose. If you only want a non-singing role, such as the animal characters, please note that with your signup.
  • A live piano accompanist will be provided; therefore, bring the sheet music of your audition song for the accompanist. A Bluetooth speaker will be available, if you would rather sing to an accompaniment track (no vocals on the track).
  • Following the singing of your song, you may be asked to do some additional singing, coached by the music director.
  • You will read selections from the script, which will be assigned to you at that moment. As the audition dates draw near, check the website and QCT’s social media channels for the specific pages that may be used. The script is not to be memorized for the audition.
  • A dance audition will be held on Tuesday, September 26. If you would like a dancing role, you should plan to attend this audition.
  • Some people may be asked to read/sing again on Tuesday or Wednesday, September 26 or 27 for what is called a “callback audition.” You will be notified if you need to attend this additional round of auditions.
  • Auditions will be held at QCT. Please enter through the QCT STAGE DOOR located off Kentucky street. This is the south side of the Oakley-Lindsay Center, and a ramp leads to the door labeled “STAGE DOOR.”
  • REHEARSALS: Rehearsals will be held anywhere between the hours of 6 – 10 pm, Monday-Friday. Actors may not be called for every rehearsal or for the full length of a rehearsal until the final weeks. Some weekend rehearsals may be required.
  • CONFLICTS: When listing conflicts on your audition form, please give exact days and times; we may be able to schedule around your pre-existing conflicts.
  • ABSENCES: Cast members are allowed two (2) excused absences from rehearsal. NO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • Please note that no cast member may miss his/her scheduled rehearsal for any reason after Sunday, November 12.
  • TECHNICAL REHEARSALS: Before auditioning, please take note that technical rehearsals are scheduled for November 18-22 and 26. We intend to work around the Thanksgiving Holiday, but it will be necessary to be at these rehearsals if you are needed. The specific schedule will be announced the week leading into these days.
  • COSTUMES: You may be asked to provide supplementary costume pieces (such as undergarments and socks) and/or shoes.

Being a part of a QCT production is a HUGE commitment, but the reward is worth it. You will collaborate on a high-caliber, polished production! To achieve this, you will be expected to work outside of rehearsal on your lines; you will attend all your scheduled rehearsals and be ready to begin by the scheduled time; you will be willing to step outside of your comfort zone in rehearsals and try different things; you will stay quiet while another is talking; and show respect to every member of the PETER PAN company. Only if you can make this kind of commitment should you audition for this production.

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