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Harriet’s Lesson

A good spy never gets caught, but should a good spy really record everything she hears, even if it’s hurtful? It’s a question all young spies—and grownups—must answer for themselves, and no children’s novel asks it better than HARRIET THE SPY. Opening this weekend, HARRIET THE SPY tells the story of an aspiring young writer … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Kimora Johnson

Energetic. Vibrant. Enthusiastic. Our praise for student actress Kimora Johnson could go on and on and on—so much so that we thought you should meet her, too!   Q: Can you tell us about yourself? A: I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Quincy Junior High School. My parents are Kristina … Continued

One Adult’s Perspective: Why Being in a Student Theatre Show is Awesome

Adults, when you hear “Student Theatre,” what comes to mind? I’m going to make an assumption right now that, for most of you, student theatre belongs to your “yesterday.” You remember the “good old days” onstage with Connie, or Brandon, or Dominic, or any number of student directors and leave it at that. And for … Continued

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