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One Adult’s Perspective: Why Being in a Student Theatre Show is Awesome

My favorite pirates in the whole world…and the cast of TREASURE ISLAND, my first student theatre show ever! (I’m on the far right, second one up on the stairs)

Adults, when you hear “Student Theatre,” what comes to mind?

I’m going to make an assumption right now that, for most of you, student theatre belongs to your “yesterday.” You remember the “good old days” onstage with Connie, or Brandon, or Dominic, or any number of student directors and leave it at that. And for the parents out there, your first thought is probably of your kids—THEIR rehearsals, THEIR shows, THEIR experiences.

It’s alright to think of these things…so long as you realize that student theatre isn’t just some phantom from a past life or an experience for youngsters.

There is literally no other way to say it: being in a student show as an adult is AWESOME. I know, I know. You hear student theatre and think the thoughts I just mentioned. I understand that. Not every student production is open to adult participation onstage, so, naturally, you assume it isn’t for you. But every once in a while, one is. And when that’s the case, you should drop whatever it is that you’re doing and immediately sign up.

Hear me out, because I have four excellent reasons why:

  1. You get to tell a story you love. Many times, student theatre shows are adaptations of books or movies we loved as kids. Who doesn’t want to be part of something that was so formative when they were young. And to play a character you loved? It’s really like living a dream.
  2. You get to work with Kelsey Celek. You probably know her as an excellent teacher, but she’s an excellent director as well. And your chances to work with her in this capacity? Well, they’re few and far between. If you can take the opportunity to do so, you absolutely should!
  3. You’re surrounded by energy. The students in these shows are buzzing with enthusiasm. For many of them, theatre is new—and because it’s new, every moment is exciting. It definitely reminds you why you fell in love with this art form!
  4. The talent is unreal. We have so many talented adult performers—and sooo many talented students! They’re good. Really good. They show up to rehearsals completely memorized, they make insightful choices, they interact onstage with no hesitations or holdups. Working with them definitely keeps you on your toes and inspires you to raise the bar for yourself.

We have auditions coming up next week, actually. Clearly, I’m biased, but let me tell you: if your name isn’t on the audition list yet for HARRIET THE SPY, it should be. You’ll discover so much about the show, the theatre, our students, and, most of all, yourself. Isn’t that what this is all about?

Auditions: Sept. 5 & 6
By appointment for Men, Women, and Students (Grades 3-12)

More info:

Signup password: Harriet17


We all hope to see you there!

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