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Burgundy’s Blog – Professional Development Edition 

Near the end of June, I attended the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) Conference in Chicago thanks to a scholarship from the Illinois Arts Council. TCG supports nonprofit theatres all over the country to communicate and collaborate to further the art form. Through presentations and networking events, I had the chance to learn from and meet … Continued

NEWSIES Volunteer Spotlight

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of QCT. We wanted to take a moment to feature a few of them working hard on stage and off to bring Newsies to life! Pictured from left to right are Dominic Regner (Finch), Clara Louthan (Katherine), and Jason Keller (Project Manager) Tell us a little about yourself! Dominic – … Continued

Blogging with Brendan – June 2024 

“An Artistic Home”  Home is a place of freedom and tether, self-determination and connection. Home is a place you define for yourself, maybe the only place you can “own.” If you don’t feel ownership, it isn’t home.   -Todd London, “In Search of the Artistic Home” The subject of “home” has been on my mind for … Continued


Get to know our QCT staff! 1. What was your most memorable moment working on a production at QCT? Burgundy – I always get chills at our tech rehearsals. This is usually the first time all the pieces are together on stage, and I always have this moment of anticipation when the lights dim and … Continued

EXTRA! EXTRA! Meet the cast of NEWSIES!

Hot off the press! Quincy Community Theatre Announces the cast of NEWSIES!   Set in turn-of-the-century New York City, NEWSIES is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged “newsies.” When the titan of publishing raises distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across … Continued

Get to Know the Cast of LOST GIRL

Get to know the cast of Quincy Community Theatre’s upcoming student lab production of LOST GIRL! To learn more about the production, click here. Performance dates are June 13–16. Tickets on sale NOW! *Jordan G. is from Warsaw, Illinois and has always loved theater. She has always loved how much theater can affect her and wants to … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Turnbow

Sara’s happy place has always been the theatre and she has immersed herself in the arts for as long as she remembers. Sara made a recent return to the stage after a 27 year absence in last year’s THE 100th ANNIVERSARY GALA at QCT, which was also her QCT debut,  as well as performing in A … Continued

The Joy of Giving with Development Coordinator Justin Hill

In my position as Development Coordinator at Quincy Community Theatre (QCT), it’s easy for me to say that everyone should give to our organization. After all, QCT has just celebrated 100 years of arts programming for the greater Quincy area…how could one argue with that? But, beyond the obvious merits of the organization as well … Continued

Quincy Community Theatre welcomes Ethan Nienaber as Guest Director of NEWSIES

Quincy Community Theatre announced Ethan Nienaber will serve as Guest Director for the organization’s upcoming production of Newsies. Nienaber replaces the previously announced director, Stephen Santa, who had to leave the production due to personal reasons.  Performances will be held in QCT’s mainstage, July 19-21 & 25-28. Auditions are by appointment May 11-12. Roles are available … Continued

Welcome back to QCT, Brendan!

Quincy Community Theatre is pleased to announce the return of Brendan Shea as the Education Director, starting June 1, 2024. “There are so many more stories left for us to tell together on the QCT stage; to say that I’m excited to reunite with our amazing students is a serious understatement,” said Shea. “In my … Continued

Behind the Costumes with QCT Costume Shop Manager Jayden Dreyer

“Where do you get all your costumes?” is a question I answer at least once a week. Whether I am welcoming patrons into the Costume Shop, or meeting with renters at Deep Storage (where over 8,000 costume pieces currently reside), the answer is always on the front of my mind. In this blog, I will … Continued

April Staff Spotlight: Justin Hill

Sit down to dinner with QCT’s latest addition, Development Coordinator Justin Hill, and you’re bound to hear a few stories but many of them start in the theatre…   Justin’s passion for music and theatre started in grade school, but in college he recognized his love for conducting and found himself “at home” in the orchestra … Continued

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