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Welcome back to QCT, Brendan!

Quincy Community Theatre is pleased to announce the return of Brendan Shea as the Education Director, starting June 1, 2024. “There are so many more stories left for us to tell together on the QCT stage; to say that I’m excited to reunite with our amazing students is a serious understatement,” said Shea. “In my … Continued

Behind the Costumes with QCT Costume Shop Manager Jayden Dreyer

“Where do you get all your costumes?” is a question I answer at least once a week. Whether I am welcoming patrons into the Costume Shop, or meeting with renters at Deep Storage (where over 8,000 costume pieces currently reside), the answer is always on the front of my mind. In this blog, I will … Continued

April Staff Spotlight: Justin Hill

Sit down to dinner with QCT’s latest addition, Development Coordinator Justin Hill, and you’re bound to hear a few stories but many of them start in the theatre…   Justin’s passion for music and theatre started in grade school, but in college he recognized his love for conducting and found himself “at home” in the orchestra … Continued

Quincy Community Theatre welcomes Shoshana Canali as Guest Director of LOST GIRL

Quincy Community Theatre announced Shoshana Canali will serve as Guest Director for the organization’s upcoming production of Lost Girl.  Performances will be held in QCT’s studio space, The Lab Theatre, June 13-16, 2024. Auditions are by appointment April 29-30, 2024. Roles are available to students currently in grades 8-college, as well as one older adult … Continued

Get to Know the Cast of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE

Get to know the cast of Quincy Community Theatre’s upcoming production of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE! To learn more about the production, click here. Performance dates are April 19-21 & 25-28. Tickets on sale March 26! Jeremy Kurfman is thrilled to return to the QCT stage where he was last seen as Marcellus in THE MUSIC MAN, and … Continued

Introducing the Cast of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE

Quincy Community Theatre announced the cast for its upcoming production of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE as we continue the 2024 Season into the spring. The beloved, Oscar-winning film comes to life onstage in an extravagant production that’s both wildly funny and irresistibly romantic. Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block … the deadline for his new play, … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Molly Bruening

Molly Bruening lives in Quincy with her husband Brandon and their four children, Simon, Cecilia, Sam, and Gus.  She spends her days homeschooling her kiddos and teaching writing online to other elementary aged students from different parts of the country.  With her family, she has been involved at Quincy Community Theatre since 2016.  While she has mostly … Continued

The State of Our Union 

The US Constitution says that the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” For nonprofit organizations, these annual updates are typically less dramatic and take the form of an annual report … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Gretchen Wolfmeyer

Gretchen Wolfmeyer is an Office Administrator and cantor at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church who moved to Quincy in 2011 with her husband, Randy, and her children, Thalia & Conall. Originally from Mayville, WI, Gretchen grew up doing shows with Beaver Dam Community Theatre and the Marais Players in her hometown. After her Kindergarten debut as … Continued

The Transformative Power of Theatre Education

Theatre education is not merely about teaching the mechanics of acting or directing or how to be on a show crew; it’s about fostering creativity, building confidence, and cultivating empathy.


Get to know the cast of Quincy Community Theatre’s upcoming production of MATILDA THE MUSICAL To learn more about the production, click here. Performance dates are Feb 16-18 & 22-25. Tickets on sale now! Georgia Wisslead is 12 years old and in 7th grade. This is her second production with QCT. She was last seen as Tamatoa’s … Continued

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