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The Magic of Love

seeing thething picAny given Friday night can be magical.

Think about it. You could be falling in love, falling out of love, finding out that the awkward date you’re on is definitely not going to lead to love, rediscovering new things about love that you never even knew. Yes, some of those things are painful. In the grand workings of the universe, though, they’re all magical. And they’re happening. They’re happening for you. They’re happening for your neighbor. They’re happening for your pizza delivery guy. And they’re all happening at once.

So often, we get wrapped up in our own experiences with love. We paint the emotion with broad brushes that are meant to explain to ourselves the behaviors, wants, needs, and ideals of others.

“He’s definitely a rebound.”

“He can’t love her. He just met her.”

ALMOST, MAINE is a reminder. A reminder that we can see love all around us if we only open our eyes; a reminder that experiences with love, good or bad, binds us together. We all understand love…and we don’t.

almostmainepic2Like in real life, all nine of these couples are dealing with this very common emotion all at the exact same time. And for them, an ordinary Friday night becomes something magical. Honestly, that’s my favorite part about ALMOST, MAINE. Rather than a simple, realistic representation of love, the vignettes are punctuated by the physical expression of well-known relationship-oriented idioms. So when a woman decides to give back the love she’s received and asks for her love back, she is literally hurling bags full of love at her mate.

People may watch the surreal staging of this show and say, “well, that couldn’t happen in real life.” You know what, though, it could and it does. Every moment that you’re dealing with love is magical and surreal. Ok, so maybe I’ve never hurled a bag full of love at someone, but I know that moment. The feeling you’re left with is just as striking as the magical happenings onstage.

It may be a show we’ve never done before, but I promise audiences will know ALMOST, MAINE. They’ll not just know every character, but they’ll know what they’re feeling, too. It’s moving, sweet, funny, and, at times, heartbreaking—everything that real love is. And that makes this a show you just can’t miss.


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