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Who is responsible?

Shanda_parentsWhen it comes to love there are always a lot of questions and emotions swirling about. One of those might be, “Who is responsible for me being where I am in this relationship? Is it me? Or could it be someone else’s fault?” It’s usually never a happy situation when you are asking a question like that.

But responsibility can also be a beautiful thing that creates a love story for the ages.

My mom knew my stepdad from the time she was a child. They kind of grew up together. My stepdad, who I always thought of as just my dad, believed that it was his duty to care for his father and stepmother. His father had been paralyzed in a farming accident and my dad took over his care, physically and financially. When both his father and stepmother passed, years later, he went to my mom and told her he had always loved her.

All the years he had spent caring for his parents, being around my mom, my sister, and I; never saying a word about how he felt about my mother. He believed he had a responsibilty to care for someone who needed him more then he needed love. My mom and stepdad found love in each other; it just took the years of caring for others to get them to the point they needed to be. Once all was revealed, they married, had a daughter, and spent twenty-six wonderful years together.

If I never learned anything else from my dad, I’m so proud to say I learned about responsibilty.  He was a wonderful human being.


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