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Unpredictable Love

10441349_200110067009715_7640530897652388476_nLove is unpredictable. That’s what I love about Almost, Maine. It speaks such high volumes to the challenges and spontaneity of love.

Unpredictable love is exactly what I experienced. It sneaks up on you when you feel like everything is going fine, and no matter how much you resist it, you eventually are doomed to give into it.

I fell in love with my best friend, and that was never my plan. Let me reiterate. I never would have dreamed that I would be married to Wesley. In fact, if you would have told me three years ago that I would be married and expecting a baby with him, I would have thought you were joking.

So here’s the backstory I know all of you have been dying to hear.

Wesley and I first met after a performance of Godspell at QCT. He approached me, took my hand, kissed it, and introduced himself as, “Wes Friday: teen heartthrob.”

I was not impressed.

Throughout the next year, we did three shows together: Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Our friendship grew stronger with each show, and by the end of Spelling Bee, I considered Wes to be my very best friend.

1980306_10152226960800971_1229932002_oLooking back on that spring, we did an awful lot together. We saw movies, played putt putt golf, and we were constantly joking around.

I recall one time, we went to see a movie and Grant Farmer came along with us. He said something to the extent of, “so are you guys like a thing now?” Wes and I both laughed at the thought of that even happening.

After Spelling Bee, I helped him through a break-up. On my break from work, I would go over to his house to hang out. He felt like a brother to me.

Then Wesley threw a curve ball at me. He told me he “liked” me. I didn’t return the sentiment. I explained to him that we were best friends and I could never let a romantic relationship ruin the relationship we already had. He argued that being best friends would only make the relationship better.

I didn’t ignore him. I still went over to his house on my breaks from work, and we continued hanging out as usual. After an entire summer of Wes pursuing a romantic relationship, it hit me. I was in love with him.

It just didn’t seem right to me though. We were best friends, and as one of the characters in Almost, Maine says, “That’s a thing you don’t mess with!”

12235118_165908173763188_6106574550669739627_nI took a chance though, and I am so glad I did. After almost one whole year of marriage, I can honestly say that being best friends with my husband is the greatest thing. It makes things so much easier. We enjoy a lot of the same things together (except superheros- I’m still warming up to that) and most of all, we have fun.

It was completely unpredictable, but I wouldn’t change a thing about what happened. It makes for a good story.


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