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Love in the Time of Wedding Planning

IMG_2487or  Why are there so many sunflowers in my living room?

I’m getting married. In 17 days. *gulp*

The flurry of tulle and lace has got me a little bit overwhelmed. Really, the wedding planning business is craaaaaaazy. All of the sudden, I have feelings about flower arrangements; people want me to tell them what to do with their hair; my fiancé is helping me hoard wine bottles and mason jars (don’t open the hall closet, please, or you might be sucked into a terrifying Pinterest-board vortex you’ll never leave). Ask any one of my friends who are also getting hitched. They’ll tell you the same thing.

But guess what? None of that matters. Not the cake, not the dresses…none of it.

You know what does? Love.

It’s all at once the scariest and most exciting emotion that a human can feel. We gain it, we lose it, we pine for it. Love is something all of us know. It doesn’t take a ring to love or a white picket fence. It doesn’t even take the other person acknowledging that you love them. Love makes us do crazy, stupid, amazing things in ways you never thought possible.

So when we say that Almost, Maine is a play about love, we mean it.

Almost, Maine is about real love. Real love that you’ve probably really experienced in your real life. It’s that moment your boyfriend didn’t say “I love you” back, the night your fiancé said she’d marry you, the time you decided to make the jump and say yes to that date even though you were still hurting. You might never have heard of Pete or Glory or Marvalyn or Phil, but I guarantee that you know them. Their stories are moments from our lives. And you’ll root for them as they encounter the most powerful force in the world. I do.

I’m getting married during the weekend before we open Almost, Maine, and, really, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. A lot of people there will be thinking about the show in some way, I’m sure. Costume changes, light cues…it will be tech weekend, after all. I, however, will be thinking about love. How lucky I am to have found it, how happy I am to share it, and how excited I am to see parts of our story reflected onstage.

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