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Kindred Spirits

Hi! My name is Margot Molidor, and I am a senior in high school. I play Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend and kindred spirit, in QCT’s production of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. As Anne’s bosom friend (Anne likes big words, but bosom really just means best), I’d like to think I understand how important friendship … Continued

Thomsen Talk: May 2017

My mom thought I would grow up to be a criminal. It’s true! When I was in kindergarten, I was always getting in trouble. There was one afternoon after snack time, my friend Angie was throwing her napkin into the large garbage can, and I wanted to see what she would look like inside the … Continued


If you visit the Box Office on a show night, you’ve got a pretty good chance of meeting Barb Stoll. We caught up with this familiar face behind-the-scenes to learn more about her…   Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself… A: What can I say about myself? I am married to Larry. We … Continued

Thomsen Talk: July 2016

“Sit back and relax” is such a popular expression with watching entertainment, and yet it seems all wrong for live theatre. When I was teaching, I would tell students to be active audience members. After watching a movie, a play, or a singer, ask questions: why did I like or not like that; what worked, … Continued

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