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Thomsen Talk: Enjoy Endless Possibilities

Question: How’s your sabbatical going? Answer: It starts March 1. I am amazed how many people know about my sabbatical! Practically everyone I have encountered since my last Thomsen Talk has brought it up to me. What has been very touching and very encouraging is the amount of support surrounding the decision. People have told … Continued

Thomsen Talk: Sabbati-what?!

The time has come for Brandon J. Thomsen to take his sabbatical. To disappear for a period of time, perhaps to work on a project, and then return reinvigorated.

Burgundy’s Blog: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney In the two-week run of The Music Man, more than 4,000 were transported into River City. Through the charming Iowa Stubborn, they found a story with a whole lot of heart. Our final show was on Sunday, and by Monday morning the stage was … Continued

Blogging with Brendan: Goodbye Quincy!

I was looking back at my previous blog posts– all critically acclaimed and widely read (in my imagination) – trying to find some brilliant passage to reference or call back for this, my final QCT blog post. I’ll share an observation about QCT from my very first blog post: “…it is at QCT that the … Continued

Thomsen Talk: June 2023

As a kid, it was a dream of mine to direct The Music Man. In fact, “for fun,” I created a poster, scenic designs, and even a rehearsal schedule. And here’s the thing…. I still have them! I just pulled out the file folder and looked through it.

Burgundy’s Blog: Third Place

In his book The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg defines the social theory surrounding the third place. Oldenburg called your home and the people you live with your “first place.” Your workplace, where most people spend most of their time, is your “second place.” Your “third place” is the anchor of your community life. Oldenburg … Continued

Thomsen Talk: “100 years. Why RENT?”

A hundred years. Why RENT? Quincy Community Theatre was founded on the principle to offer “plays of the highest standard.” I am so proud that, 100 years later, that mindset remains. As the Artistic Director, a principal responsibility of mine is to select the titles that the organization will produce. I review a plethora of … Continued

High Points with Hill: “We just decided to.”

In the Sunday, September 9, 1923 edition of the Quincy Whig-Journal, drama lovers were asked to join a Little Theater movement. “One of the primary purposes of the Little Theater is to give everyone the advantage of becoming acquainted with the best plays… Realizing that Quincy is in no way inferior to other cities in … Continued

Blogging with Brendan: Make 2023 the year you audition!

There are many “wins” a theatre director could count. A smooth and efficient tech process? A sold-out house for opening night? Or, perhaps, a cast that can remember all of its lines BEFORE the off-book deadline (yes, a director can dream).. Indeed, this director is celebrating many wins– before the holidays, 100 wonderful student performers … Continued

Thomsen Talk: “It’s like building sandcastles”

The artistic director of Barrington Stage, Alan Paul, said, “Theatermaking is so rewarding and heartbreaking, because it’s like building sandcastles that will be washed away with the tide. The fact that it is ephemeral is what makes it thrilling and so vital.” In 2022, the people of Quincy Community Theatre built eight unique sandcastles: You’re … Continued

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