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Thomsen Talk: Sabbati-what?!

The time has come for Brandon J. Thomsen to take his sabbatical. To disappear for a period of time, perhaps to work on a project, and then return reinvigorated.

Thomsen Talk: May 2018

This week is a very sad week for me because I say “so long” and “best wishes” to my most constant collaborator and teammate, QCT’s Production Manager and Marketing Coordinator, Kelsey Pigg. Kelsey accepted a job with Klingner & Associates, and her time in the QCT office has come to an end. I’d like to … Continued

Thomsen Talk: April 2018

Some people binge watch with Netflix. I binge watch with Broadway. Here are short reviews of the shows I saw on my latest trip to New York City.   Thursday afternoon – THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: My name is Brandon, and I am addicted to PHANTOM. I never tire of seeing this show. I’ve … Continued

Thomsen Talk: February 2018

Without a doubt the hardest part of directing for me is casting. When I was in high school, a director said, “80% of good directing is good casting.” After a show, a comment I hear frequently is “the show was so well-cast. Everyone was perfect for their part.” I like hearing that. It feels like … Continued

Thomsen Talk: January 2018

“We have a whole new year ahead of us….” In the 1963-1964 television season, Judy Garland had her own television series on Sunday nights on CBS. It was a variety show. There would be a celebrity guest who would sing or tell “jokes,” and Judy and the guest might do some sketches. The highlight of … Continued

Thomsen Talk: December 2017

New year; second chances. The 2017 Season was filled with shows that were personal favorites of mine: SWEENEY, DOLLY, OUR TOWN, and SHE LOVES ME. I had a history with those shows and was eager to work on them. THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB was a play I didn’t know. When I first read it, I … Continued

Thomsen Talk: November 2017

If TV has taught us nothing else, it’s that when your dysfunctional family finally sits down at the dinner table for Thanksgiving, you each say what you’re thankful for. (It kills me that I ended that sentence with a preposition.) Well, here we go. Here are just a few things I’m thankful for from the … Continued

Thomsen Talk: October 2017

In a conversation last month, someone talked to me about the thrill and significance of reaching out to former teachers who made an impact on your life. I love that idea. Recently, I had the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of a former teacher. I would like to use this forum … Continued

Thomsen Talk: September 2017

You know what show scared me the most to work on this season? Our Town. Yep. A play with no set and no props terrified me the most. Why? Expectations. Our Town has been seen onstage since 1938, and it has baggage. It’s a play people love, hate, have read willingly, have been forced to … Continued

Thomsen Talk: August 2017

You mean it’s not 2018 yet? Here at QCT, it can be very difficult to remember what year we are in. When January hits, we start the planning for the following year. By the time January comes around again, it’s hard to believe that we haven’t even started the shows that we had been living … Continued

Thomsen Talk: July 2017

June is bustin’ out all over! What? It’s not June? It’s July? It’s JULY? What happened to June? Shoot! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?   When I came to QCT in 2006 as the director of student theatre, QCT was in rehearsals for the summer musical, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The following summer was … Continued

Thomsen Talk: May 2017

My mom thought I would grow up to be a criminal. It’s true! When I was in kindergarten, I was always getting in trouble. There was one afternoon after snack time, my friend Angie was throwing her napkin into the large garbage can, and I wanted to see what she would look like inside the … Continued

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