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November Staff Spotlight: Deb Currier & Brodie Mann

QCT has welcomed new staff! Deb Currier joins the team as Education Director and Brodie Mann joins us as our Marketing Manager!

Deb Currier – Education Director

Deb Currier has an MA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Multicultural Theatre, Theatre in Education, and Acting, and a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Acting Pedagogy, Theatre for Youth, and Directing. Both degrees are from The University of Oregon. She was an Associate Professor and Theatre Education Outreach Director at Western Washington University as well as owner of Infinite Jest, where she collaborated with schools to execute arts outreach programs and curricula.

As the Director of Student Theatre, Currier will direct four student theatre productions annually, collaborate with area schools to teach in-class workshops, and create a robust selection of classes at the theatre for performers of all ages. Through productions, classes and outreach workshops, more than 5,000 area students are exposed to theatre education reach year.

Brodie Mann – Marketing Manager

Brodie found his love of theatre way back in high school, joining his Thespian Troupe and participating, mostly behind the scenes, in every stage production for his entire high school curriculum, from Oklahoma to You Can’t Take it With You. While he continued to do a bit of theatre in college, his interests turned to writing and broadcasting, and quickly fell into a decade long career as a radio host. He eventually felt the need to grow professionally, turning his focus towards marketing. For the past five years, he produced content for Chaddock. Then he decided to get back into theatre by auditioning for, and acting in, QCT’s production of CLUE back in September. With his passion for theatre reignited, he decided to just start working here full time. Fortunately for him, the Marketing Manager position opened up, so it all worked out in the end.

Brodie has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, a diploma from the National Bartending School in Riverside, California, ordination credentials from the Universal Life Church, and a certificate making him a Junior Power Ranger he’s had since he was seven years old. It will be a weird day when all four are used at the same time.

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