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Sally McCarl Square

If our performers have perfect hair, it’s largely because of Sally McCarl. Her talent as a designer, consultant, and stylist have made her a constant backstage presence—so much so that last month she was presented with our organization’s highest honor: the Enid Ireland Award.
We caught up with this invaluable volunteer for our February Spotlight…


Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

A: I was born and raised here in Quincy. I have been a hair dresser for 47 years, and own my own salon in my home for 30 years.

I married Scott McCarl on Sept 15, 1979. Scott past away in 2015 from cancer. We were blessed with three sons: Marty (married to Tegan Nixon); Cory, who works at The Pier as a waiter/shift manager; and Justin (married to Alicia Mager). Justin and Alicia are giving me my first grandchild this May. It’s a Boy!!!


Q: When did you first become involved with QCT?

A: Barb Rowell was a client of mine back in the mid 70’s. She asked me if I would be interested in helping at the theatre. I said ok and I’m still here.

The transformation from QCLT to QCT was a huge change, but the quality keeps getting better. I have helped gathering props and making them, and have helped with costumes (sewing, pinning, ripping, and mending). I also usher when I’m not involved with hair.


Q: Of all the shows you’ve done, which stand out to you?

A: SWEENEY TODD has been my favorite show to work on. It was, by far, beyond anything we had ever done. I felt we took a chance on doing it, but it brought a whole new audience to the theatre. It was so much fun, but a lot of work and dedication by everyone involved.

SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL was the most creative for me. I used the performers’ hair to create the ears of the animals the person was portraying.

My most detailed work was on the shows set in the 20’s & 30’s, like LEND ME A TENOR or OVER THE TAVERN. I brought hair driers in the dressing room for the girls to sit under because there was so much finger waving to be done. Some even came to my salon during the day.


Q: Why do you enjoy working backstage in this capacity?

A: Hair completes the total look for the character and helps the character come to life. Working backstage gives me the opportunity to put my talents back to use and be creative again. You know…backcombing, up dos, finger waving, working with wiglets. This new generation does not know how to do these things. This is why it is so hard to find the right help. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know the cast individually.


Q: Even when you’re not working a show we see you here! Why do you choose to have season tickets?

A: I choose to be a Season Ticket holder to support the theatre. Support for the Arts is very important to sustain the artistic quality of the various arts. Quincy is so lucky to have our theatre. It is, by far, the best quality theatre around. That is why we can do the shows we do.

We need to support our local theatre because it has so much to offer the community of all ages. By having a community theatre here, Quincy gains people with self-esteem, public speaking skills, and individuals who are able to talk to people of all ages. It helps you be confident in yourself and teaches you to never give up, turning you into a well-rounded citizen.

(And if you notice, my Season ticket is on the end so I can slip in and out when I’m needed on the night when I get to watch the show.)


Q: What was it like winning the Enid Ireland Award?

A:  I was overwhelmed when they said my name for the Enid Ireland Award. Never once did I think I would be considered for this high honor. Thank you for the recognition of my contributions and talent. This has also been a wonderful opportunity to meet and be involved with people of all walks of life. Where else could I be so lucky?


Q: How do you hope your QCT story continues?

A: I guess I plan on being involved as long as I am able, but don’t give up looking for a replacement. Help would be Awesome!!!!


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