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A Fall Tale

fallAh Fall! Fragrant concoctions at your local coffee shop; area schools in full swing; pirates singing on the high seas; cool crisp air; harvest haze; and nature’s brilliant colors. At QCT it also means the building of our Family/Student Theatre play. Head of Education Kelsey Celek, Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, and friends are busy building the story while Paul Denckla and his crew construct the Admiral Benbow, the grand ship Hispaniola, and the isle of treasures.

I’ve been involved with Quincy Community Theatre since 1993, but our education and student theatre program pre-dates even me! Quincy Community Theatre recognized many years ago the value of introducing and nurturing live theatre in our children. We continue to be an educational presence in area schools and offer professional acting instruction at our facility. Area students from all over the Tri-States have participated in our student theatre productions. As a result, many have gone on to pursue a career in the performing arts, but many more have become enthusiastic and educated patrons of the art. This is the goal of any theatre education program.

Ah, Fall. The time we promote “Stories Begin,” our 2016 Season. Present season-ticket holders can renew October 1st, and tickets go on sale to all on October 16th. It is a season of stories being told here for the first time and we look forward to presenting our season with passion and commitment while providing opportunities to grow; a truly professional experience.

I recently came across a definition from (professional) artist, Lori McNee’s website. She was serving as a juror in an exhibition a few years ago and asked the winners to define a professional artist. The un-named artist who took first place defined it this way: “To be a true professional requires a commitment of time and resources, a commitment to detail. A true professional never settles for less than giving 100% to anything and everything they do. Passion, commitment and determination are the attributes I focus on in my professional career as an artist. Passion to do the kind of work I can be proud of, commitment to many years of work to continue to grow as an artist, and the determination to get the finished work out to the public. There is more to professionalism than simply claiming it.”

Well said, anonymous! And well stolen, Mr. Executive Director!

As I was saying before I interrupted myself, “…ah Fall.” I could say it is a great time for reflection, but at my age reflection seems to be a daily event showing preference to no one season. Fall is harvest time; the reaping of what was sown. For me it is a time to just look around and see what is happening. I think about what I’ve learned or failed to learn; what beauty showed itself in front of me or behind me when I wasn’t paying attention; and better yet, what is yet to come!

What’s to come, you ask? TREASURE ISLAND opens on October 21st. Auditions for the great holiday musical THE WINTER WONDERETTES are on October 13th. QCT’s fall class semester begins on October 26th. From Pirates & Minions, through Dialects, Shakespeare, to Script Analysis, and beautiful harmonies, experience live theatre and learning with us!

Ah, Fall! What a great season!

Enjoy, and hey, it’s harvest time, let’s be careful out there!


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