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Learning the Dance of Oz

Welcome back to the Oz Blog!
I’m going to apologize first, as I am later with posting a blog than I would have liked. I recently bought a house, and just recently hooked up internet!
Rehearsals have been going well. We have a mighty cast, who has been putting in a lot of hours so far.
A lot of the time so far has been spent singing and dancing, which is something we need to learn right away so we have it down solid.

Dancing hasn’t been my strong suit. But we’ve had the talented and amazing Cheryl Kaiser coming in every night and helping us as we (sometimes) struggle through the choreography.
The dancing in the Wizard of Oz is iconic I think. The movie was watched by so many people, which means just as many people will want to see a certain move or a certain step.
What’s important to remember, I think, is choreography isn’t just stepping on the right count, it’s having a motivation to make that step. Cheryl really helps to put that into perspective for us. She brings humor to our dance rehearsals which is always welcomed.
I’ve been getting some snapshots and videos of rehearsals to give you all a little preview as to what we have sweating through. (Some more than others…)
This first video is too cute. The Munchkins have been working really hard so far, and here’s a little inside look at what they have for us.


This video features some nice “crow dancing” from our very own Lenny Bart. In this scene, Cheryl teaches Wes Friday the “crow dance”, and David Samuels, Cowardly Lion, and our esteemed director Lenny fill in as the other Crows. 

 These pictures also feature Brandon, the Scarecrow, with his “If I Only Had a Brain” number. We can’t wait for you to see it, it’s swell!

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