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Upcoming Auditions


May 20
Main Stage Musical
AGES 16+


July 24 & 25
Main Stage Play


September 5 & 6
Student Theatre Play


October 2 & 3
Main Stage Musical
AGES 18+



DATE: May 20, by appointment.

LOOKING FOR: Men and Women ages 16+. No previous theatre experience is required to participate. All are welcome.

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Company Meeting and Read Through: Wednesday, May 31
Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be held in the evenings, Monday-Friday. Performers may not be called for every rehearsal, or for the full length of a rehearsal. Some Saturday rehearsals may be required. A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be determined based on actress availability. COMMITMENT DATES: May 31-July 30. No performer may miss his/her scheduled rehearsal after Friday, June 30.

Tech Weekend: July 15 & 16
Dress Rehearsals: July 17 & 18
Sponsor/Nursing Home Performances: July 19 & 26
Performances: July 20-23 & 27-30

Materials To Prepare

  • READ: Please come prepared to read selections from the script. We suggest that auditionees read the entire script before auditioning.
    View an online copy of the script and a listing of audition sides now: CLICK HERE
    NOTE: Password information is required. Call the QCT Box Office at (217) 222-3209 and press 3 for more information.
  • REVIEW: Please review the following AUDITION TIPS.
  • CALL: To schedule a 40-minute audition appointment, please register online (see above) or call the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209.
  • PREPARE: Please prepare a minute of a song of your choice. A piano accompanist will be available, so please bring sheet music if you are performing a transposed version of one of Dolly’s songs or a song not from the musical HELLO, DOLLY!.
  • BRING: Please come with a full list of any conflicts you may have during the rehearsal and performance periods.
  • COMPLETE: You may print and complete this AUDITION FORM. Audition forms will also be available at the theatre.
  • ARRIVE: Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to fill out an audition form if you have not already done so.
  • ENTER: Please enter through the STAGE DOOR on the south side of the Oakley-Lindsay Center. Auditions are in the Lab Theatre.
  • REMEMBER: Make strong choices and take risks!


Choreographer | CHERYL KAISER
Music Director | KENT KANAUSS
Stage Manager | DONNA HAIRE



Dolly is back where she belongs! Join us when one of the greatest musicals ever written lights up the QCT stage. Dolly Levi is a widow, a matchmaker, and a professional meddler – but everything changes when she decides that the next match she needs to make is one for herself. Sparkling, dazzling, delightful—this is one musical that you cannot miss!


All roles are available.

  • Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi
    Stage Age: 45-60
    Singing: Original Keys: E flat to high G (sung an octave lower) / Alternate Keys: Low G to C sharp
    A fast-talking character filled with heart and likeability. She is a widow in her “middle years” and is a meddling matchmaker. She is a strong character with commanding presence, but she must also show compassion and vulnerability.
  • Horace Vandergelder
    Stage Age: 45-65
    Singing: baritone low B to high E
    As with Dolly, character is the key to his casting. Vandergelder is a widowed “half a millionaire”, is strong and gruff, but must show a vulnerable, softer side. He and Dolly must have a wonderful ‘stage chemistry.’ He is the owner of a Hay and Feed store and a client of Dolly’s.
  • Ermengarde
    Stage Age: 17
    Singing: mezzo-soprano E-G# / sings with a group
    She is Mr. Vandergelder’s 17 year old niece who is very dramatic and often weeps with a comical wail. She wants to marry Ambrose Kemper. Strong dancing skills a plus.
  • Ambrose Kemper
    Stage Age: 17-25
    Singing: low E to high G (sings with a group)
    A young, energetic artist who wants Vandergelder’s permission to marry his niece, Ermengarde. He is determined to marry Ermengarde and is very protective of her. Strong dancing skills a plus.
  • Cornelius Hackl
    Stage Age: 33
    Singing: low Bb to high G
    A relatively robust sound is required for the role. He is Vandergelder’s chief clerk, but he seeks an adventure. He is 33 years old, charming and naïve, but not as naïve as Barnaby! Corneilus falls in love wtih Irene Molloy.
  • Barnaby Tucker
    Stage Age: 17
    Singing: Low B flat to High G
    A 17 year old assistant to Cornelius, working in Vandergelder’s Hay and Feed Store. He is fun loving and naïve as ever. His boyish innocence must come through.
  • Irene Molloy
    Stage Age: 30-40
    Singing: low G to high F
    A respectable woman with a fire inside her, eager for adventure. She owns a hat shop but hates hats. Dolly “matches” her with Vandergelder, but Irene spends the evening out on the town with Cornelius, Barnaby and Minnie.
  • Minnie Fay
    Stage Age: 17-20
    Singing: low C to high F
    An anxious young girl who works in Irene’s hat shop. A wonderful opportunity for a good character actress. She is naïve and straight-laced… or tries to be.
  • Ernestina
    Stage Age: 35-70
    Singing: sings “Sweet Rosie O’Grady” in the style of Lucy Ricardo!
    A great character role with many ways it can be played. There is a large comedic scene in Act II with Vandergelder at Harmonia Gardens. She is fun-loving and larger than life.
  • Rudolph Reisenweber
    Stage Age: 40-70
    Singing: sings with a group
    He is the Harmonia Gardens Prussian major-domo with a commanding presence. A strong character role that requires an accent.
  • Mrs. Rose
    Stage Age: 50-70
    Singing: will be a part of the ensemble
    A small cameo role that is quite sweet and endearing. Brags about her health problems and her daughter. Comic possibilities. She is an old friend of Dolly’s.
  • The Judge:
    Stage Age: 50-70
    Singing: will be a part of the ensemble
    Presides over the prisoner’s docket after all the characters have been arrested from causing chaos at the Harmonia Gardens. A cameo role with comic potential. Perhaps he is old and crusty. He becomes deeply invested in Cornelius’ story.
  • The Court Clerk:
    Stage Age: 18-50
    Singing: will be a part of the ensemble
    He takes notes while Cornelius tells his story, but he gets so wrapped up in it, he falls behind. One line, but a sure-fire laugh line.
  • Two Policemen:
    Stage Age: 20-50
    Singing: will be a part of the ensemble
    They arrest everyone in the Harmonia Gardens and stay in the prisoner’s docket to give testimony.
  • Paperhanger:
    Stage Age: 18-35
    Singing: will be a part of the ensemble
    Just set up a new shop. Vandergelder gives him a chance.
  • Waiters:
    Stage Age: 20-60
    Singing: sing as a group the title song
    They are the fast-moving and fun-loving employees of the Harmonia Garden Restaurant. They have crazy antics as they move about with lightning speed. They love Dolly and welcome her back in grand style.
  • Men and Women of the Ensemble:
    Stage Age: 16-80
    As townspeople of New York and townspeople of Yonkers, there are many songs to sing as a group.

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Audition appointments are also available by calling 217-222-3209.