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Upcoming Auditions


August 31-September 1
Student Theatre Main Stage Play


October 13-14
Main Stage Musical
AGES 18+



August 31 & September 1
by appointment for GRADES 3-ADULT

Callbacks, if necessary, will be September 2. You will be notified if you need to be there.

Important note about casting: In 1881, Treasure Island was published as “a story for boys”. But in 2015, we know that stories of adventure, violence, and intrigue can be stories for everyone. Therefore, I will be casting this production with no regards to gender. Though most roles are listed below as “he”, any role can be played by a man or a woman.

Actors as young as 8 years old may be considered for roles in Treasure Island. I would encourage families to read the script and/or the novel before deciding to audition. Pirates fight, kill, deceive, and drink rum, all of which will be included in our production.


Company Meeting and Read Through: September 8
Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be held in the evenings, Monday-Friday. Actors may not be called for every rehearsal, or for the full length of a rehearsal. Some Saturday rehearsals will be required. A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be determined based on actor availability. REHEARSAL DATES: September 8-October 25. No actor may miss his or her scheduled rehearsal for any reason after Friday, October 2.
Tech Weekend: October 17 & 18
Dress Rehearsals: October 19
Performances: October 22-25
Preview performances October 20 (day) and 21 (evening)

Materials To Prepare

  • READ: Please come prepared to read selections from the script. We suggest that auditionees read the entire script before auditioning. CLICK HERE to view an online copy of TREASURE ISLAND. NOTE: Password information is required. Call the QCT Box Office at (217) 222-3209 for more information.
  • REVIEW: Please review the following AUDITION TIPS.
  • CALL: To schedule a 40-minute audition appointment, please call the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209.
  • BRING: Please come with a full list of any conflicts you may have during the rehearsal and performance periods.
  • DRESS: Treasure Island is not a musical, but pirates are no strangers to singing a shanty or dancing a jig, so come dressed to move.
  • ARRIVE: Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to fill out an audition form if you have not already done so.
  • ENTER: Please enter through the STAGE DOOR on the south side of the Oakley-Lindsay Center. Auditions are in the Lab Theatre.
  • REMEMBER: Make strong choices and take risks!


Assistant Director | CAMERON WALKER
Scenic Designer | PAUL DENCKLA
Stage Manager | LOGAN GIESING
Fight Choreographer | TBA


Jim Hawkins lives a quiet life in his mother’s inn. That is, until the sudden death of Billy Bones, an old tenant concealing a history of piracy and betrayal. Narrowly escaping his own demise, Jim manages to snatch a careworn map from Bones’ possessions—a map that will change his life forever. In a matter of moments, this ordinary young boy is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. From a harrowing voyage on the high seas to plotting pirates, heart-stopping escapes to the legendary Captain Long John Silver himself, this thrilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island will take audiences on a timeless journey of unimaginable proportions!


We are seeking 15-25 actors to play multiple roles.

Roles that can be any age:

  • Blind Pew – a mysterious, blind pirate who has come to give Billy Bones the Black Spot.
  • Billy Bones – customer/resident of the Admiral Benbow who is notoriously drunk and behind on paying his rent. Afraid of the “one-legged seafaring man”.
  • Squire Trelawney – local landowner who funds the journey to Treasure Island. An excitable “fanboy” of all things pirate.
  • O’Brien/Redcliff/George Merry/Tom Morgan/Dick/Rodgers/Hunter/Redruth – crew members aboard the Hispaniola
  • Benn Gunn – cheese-loving pirate who was marooned on Treasure Island and has lived in isolation for years.
  • Patrons of the Admiral Benbow
  • Crew of the Hispaniola


Roles for Student Actors:

  • Jim Hawkins – teenager who discovers Billy Bones’ map and becomes cabin boy on the voyage to Treasure Island. Bold, adventurous, eager to learn; looks to the adults in his life to show him right from wrong, but isn’t necessarily satisfied by what they show him. He eventually comes up with his own idea of what “duty” means.
  • Emlyn Jenkins – local/customer of the Admiral Benbow, frightened by Blind Pew. Joins the crew of the Hispaniola on the journey to Treasure Island
  • Dirk/Black Dog/John Dancer – pirates who are helping Blind Pew search for the treasure map
  • Isreal Hands – second-in-command aboard the Hispaniola; his loyalties are somewhat murky


Roles for Adult Actors:

  • Mrs. Hawkins – Jim’s mother/owner of the Admiral Benbow, a shrewd businesswoman. Must be comfortable with physical comedy.
  • Dr. Livesey – physician/friend/advisor to the Hawkins family. Accompanies Jim on the voyage to Treasure Island.
  • Long John Silver – one-legged sea cook who leads the mutiny on the Hispaniola. Okay, we all know who this guy is. It’s maybe the worst spoiler in literary history that Long John Silver is the bad guy in Treasure Island. So let’s make the audience question what they know. Long John Silver must be just as charming as he is villainous, and he genuinely cares for Jim. Is Silver a bad guy who does good things or a good guy who does bad things? I don’t know yet – but I’m looking for an actor who can help figure it out.
  • Captain Smollett – the cool, collected, and authoritative captain of the Hispaniola. Appreciates order and discipline over being liked. In many ways, a mirror image of Silver.
  • Older Jim Hawkins – our narrator; looks back on the events that led to Treasure Island


Call the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209.

Treasure Island