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The Ghost Light Concert

December 5, 2020

THE GHOST LIGHT CONCERT: A Celebration of Community and Theatre

QCT is coming to television! Thanks to the generosity of WGEM, “The Ghost Light Concert” will air on WGEM this Saturday at 6 pm. The encore performance will feature the 10 musical numbers from some of QCT’s leading ladies and new introductions from the QCT staff. Join us for a celebration of community and theatre!


Concert will air on WGEM Saturday, December 5 at 6:00 pm

Michelle Bickhaus
Natalie Clark
Jeri Conboy
Julie Ginos
Elizabeth Mannhardt
Jillian Miller
Megan Peters
Sierra Schnack
Monica Scholz
Elizabeth Stanley
Nina Waters
Jennafer White

Director | Brandon Thomsen
Accompanist | Daniel Fry
Videography | WGEM