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The Ghost Light Campaign

A ghost light is a single light set on the stage to energize and light the unoccupied space when the theatre would otherwise be dark and empty. The Quincy Community Theatre stage will remain dark until we are safely able to gather, and, when that time comes, the ghost light will guide us back.

You can be a ghost light for QCT through your encouragement, participation in virtual programming, and financial support. The Ghost Light Campaign was created in an effort to supplement the financial losses the theatre will incur due to the 2020 season’s postponement. Ticket sales account for more than 60% of our annual revenue, and show sponsorships and stagebill advertisements account for an additional 10%. Virtual education and entertainment opportunities are in the works: however, the projected revenue for these is far less than a traditional season. The board of directors is diligently working to secure the organization’s financial security and has already made difficult decisions, which include staff furloughs.

QCT has a nearly 100-year history in our community. With your help, we will be here for 100 more. Be a ghost light today, and, when the time comes that we can raise the curtain and join together again, we will celebrate your support and share a season to remember.