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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents/adults will receive a class-specific version of this list approximately one week before the first day of class. These lists go out via e-mail, so please make sure the e-mail address on your registration form is the one you want us to use to contact you!

Where are classes?

All classes are held at our theatre, which is inside the Oakley-Lindsay Center (300 Civic Center Plaza). When you arrive, you will enter through the Stage Door, which is up the ramp on the Kentucky Street side of the building. The Stage Door will be unlocked fifteen minutes before the beginning of class.

Once you’re inside, there will be signs to guide you to the rehearsal hall, where classes will take place. Please wait outside the rehearsal hall door until it is time for class to begin – there may be another class in progress!

The Green Room, which is directly next to the rehearsal hall, has restrooms and a drinking fountain. It is highly recommended that students use the restroom before class begins so they don’t miss out on any class activities.

Where do I pick up my student after class?

All classes will dismiss through the Stage Door. Parents/adults may greet their students at the door or wait in their cars. To insure student safety, all students must check out with the instructor before leaving the premises.

What should I bring with me?

The instructor will notify you about any specific needs before your first day of class. (For example, you’d need a pencil for any class that requires script work.) However, here are some things you definitely won’t need: cell phones, iPads, gaming systems, books, snacks, toys from home. All personal items must be left in the Green Room during class. QCT is not responsible for these unattended items.

Is it okay if I miss a class?

Kind of. There are no grades; no one’s life is shattered if you miss a day of class. However, since most QCT classes are only 6-7 weeks long, missing one week of class means you miss out on a large portion of class material. Absences are also a detriment to any student you might be partnering with in class.

So, while we completely understand that vacations/recitals/dentist appointments are important and difficult to schedule, if you are going to miss more than one day of class it’s probably best to wait and try in another semester.

If you know you will be gone, please inform the instructor as soon as possible. QCT does not offer refunds/prorated tuition based on absences.

Can I watch my student’s class? / My student has a friend in town. Can she/he attend class for the day?

Sorry, but only students on the roster may attend class. Parents, friends, and adoring fans are welcome to wait in the Green Room if you’d prefer to stay in the building during class.

Many classes have a “sharing” at the end of the last class, where family and friends are invited in to watch some of what the students have learned. You will receive further details from the instructor if/when your class will have a sharing.

Do you work with students with special needs?

Yes we do! QCT is a place for everyone; we are happy to make necessary accommodations. For more information or to enroll your student with special needs, please contact Burgundy Hill, at (217)222-3209 or

Will this class end with a play/performance?

For the most part, our classes do not end with a play or a performance. If that were our only goal, the entirety of class time would be spent rehearsing and preparing. We believe that classes are for students to develop the skills and knowledge across a variety of theatrical topics, so that is our primary focus. Class time is more about the process and less about the product.

Many classes have a sharing at the end of the last class, where family and friends are invited in to watch some of what the students have learned. These sharings are a great way for students to show off their new skills! You will receive further details from your instructor if/when your class will have a sharing.

If your goal is to see your student onstage, we recommend Triple Threat Boot Camp and Basic Training, both of which take place in August. These intensive musical theatre camps are intended for the serious performer, and do end with a final performance that is open to the public.

If you have other questions regarding classes, contact:
Burgundy Hill
QCT Executive Director

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