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The Joy of Giving with Development Coordinator Justin Hill

In my position as Development Coordinator at Quincy Community Theatre (QCT), it’s easy for me to say that everyone should give to our organization. After all, QCT has just celebrated 100 years of arts programming for the greater Quincy area…how could one argue with that? But, beyond the obvious merits of the organization as well as in considering the goals within my job at the theatre, I wish to take a deeper look into giving. Let’s explore together the joys of giving and why we give.  

Studies have shown that giving (either time or monetarily) provides a sense of joy and fulfillment. It can be a boost to our self-esteem and can even help us avoid, or at least alleviate, depression. But why is it so therapeutic? One main reason is that giving provides a sense of purpose. It allows the giver to make a positive impact in the world around them. The significance of this impact is a powerful experience, both for the giver and the receiver of the gift.  

Aside from the personal joy we feel when we give to an organization that shares a purpose and values that align with our own, there are other reasons to consider giving, as well. All of them provide – you guessed it – some form of joy

Giving Out of Love  
Have you ever given a gift in memory or honor of a deeply missed friend or loved one? Perhaps given to a cause that is near and dear to a grandchild’s heart (such as a sports league, school music program, or a theater group)? If so, you have given as an expression of love.  

Giving to Inspire  

Have you ever left a civic music concert or public art exhibit and said, “Wow! More people need to experience what I just experienced. I need to donate to this cause so they can raise awareness and get more people engaged.” If so, you have just given as a means to inspire others. Not only that, but your commitment to supporting the causes you love may inspire others (friends and family or even people you don’t know) to join you in your legacy of giving.  

Giving to Improve Place  

Does your community matter to you? Have you put your support behind a local event or organization to make your community a better place? Then you have given to improve place. The immediate environment around you has benefited from your giving.  

How to Start  

Understandably, the prospect of giving can be overwhelming if you have never done it. There are many causes, many groups and people asking, and a lot of honest-to-goodness real need in our world. The best place to start is to start small.

  • Find a cause that aligns with your personal values and interests.  
  • Decide if you are interested in giving time or money. (Helpful hint: both small amounts of time and small amounts of money can make a big impact. Never get stuck thinking that you can’t start giving because you don’t have enough to give!)  
  • Set giving goals. Stick with your time budget, or your financial budget. While organizations welcome (and we do!) large one-time gifts, sustaining monthly donations are what really help us in our budgeting processes and keep the lights on; this is both good for organizations like ours, and also for the budgeting purposes of the giver.  

Whether you are new to giving or a longtime supporter of many causes, the joys of giving are immense. We would love to be part of your giving journey! Please reach out to QCT today to find out ways that we can work together to bring another 100 years of quality theatre to our community.  

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