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The State of Our Union 

The US Constitution says that the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” For nonprofit organizations, these annual updates are typically less dramatic and take the form of an annual report or meeting. However, these avenues are a little bit more formal and don’t allow me to speak directly to you. So, for today’s blog post, I want to update you on the state of our union. 

Capital Improvements and Financials 

We have worked to get our spaces in order for the last couple of years. Having moved our costume and set storage location in 2022 and 2023, we have now turned our attention to making improvements on-site. With some grant funding at the end of 2023, we have been able to take on a few capital improvement projects. This summer, musicians will notice that we have rebuilt our pit platform and added lighting and more electrical outlets. We have also upgraded lighting in our boardroom and lab (and after seeing the walls in the lab for the first time, we realized they were navy blue, not black.) In our costume shop, we have new size-inclusive dress forms, steamer, and iron. We have switched our ticketing system in the box office to a much more user-friendly avenue, and upgraded some of our computers and ticket scanners.  

We hope to take on several other projects over the next few months to continue our list of improvements. Some require time, like creating and maintaining an equipment inventory, and others require funding, like improvements to lighting, sound, and curtains.  

The budget continues to be a hurdle. We ended 2023 in a strong position, but we rely entirely on ticket income, sponsorships, and grants to sustain with little wiggle room. To help ease this, we established the Barbara Rowell Endowment Fund in 2023. We hope this fund will continue to grow and eventually help in those years when we are looking at an operating deficit or larger capital improvements. This fund is a massive step towards long-term financial security for Quincy Community Theatre. 

To help secure new funding streams, we have added a new full-time position, a Development Coordinator, to the staff. This person will be responsible for helping seek out new fundraising opportunities. Adding this position has been a critical part of our strategic plan for the last couple of years and will be essential as we try to bridge the gap between program expenses and ticket income. Justin Hill (no relation), our newest team member, started in this capacity last week. 

The 2024 Season 

The upcoming year is unique for QCT, as we rely on more guest artists to help us with programming. I look forward to the opportunity to showcase these voices and new approaches over the next year, and to continue to evaluate our processes when Brandon returns full-time. 

We are in a year of transition with our staff. We are currently seeking a new Technical Director and a new Education Director. However, I am confident about our ability to maintain high-quality programming and carry on in the meantime. This year will showcase the strength of our community and the passion of our volunteers and patrons.  

As we look ahead, we have evaluated our production calendar and processes to help set us up for success through this process. Serving our mission, vision, values, and volunteers remains our highest priority. 


One initiative we have completed over the last year is an audit of our mission, vision, and values. Through many conversations at all levels of the organization, we have reviewed our mission statement and created vision and value statements.  

Mission: To offer and perpetuate quality theatre entertainment and education through community participation. 

Vision: We aspire to cultivate a community where creativity thrives, audiences are engaged, and the transformative power of the performing arts is celebrated and accessible to all. 


  • Excellence: We uphold high standards of quality in all aspects of our productions and educational programs, striving for excellence in every endeavor. 
  • Creativity and Innovation: We encourage and embrace creativity, nurturing innovation and pushing artistic boundaries in the performing arts. 
  • Community Engagement: We value and prioritize active involvement and collaboration within our diverse community, fostering connections and inclusivity through a welcoming and supportive environment. 
  • Stewardship: We are committed to responsible stewardship, conscientiously managing our resources with integrity to ensure their preservation and enduring impact. We embrace sustainable practices that safeguard the future of our organization, our community, and the arts. 

While formally adopted by our board of directors in February, the conversation on values has helped guide organizational decision-making for the last several months. While these values have been unspoken for many years, we have had the chance to recommit to them as an organization and officially adopt them as our playbook. As someone who discovered their love of theatre over and over again because of QCT, I hold these values very dearly. I love this community and feel privileged to serve it every day. And with these values guiding us forward, the future of QCT is bright. 

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