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June Volunteer Spotlight: Lily, Caleigh and Abby Twaddle

For our June 2023 Volunteer Spotlight, QCT spoke with Lily, Caleigh and Abby Twaddle – three sisters who have been involved in QCT activities for several years!

Currently, Lily is portraying Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and her two sisters, Caleigh and Abby, are members of The Music Man cast! Previously, Caleigh appeared in Disney’s Moana, Jr. Lily and Abby both were members of Little House on the Prairie, The Musical’s cast as Nellie Oleson and Carrie Ingalls, respectively. We wanted to see what working with your siblings on a QCT production is like, and what they have to say to others looking to get involved at QCT.

1. Question: How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with the theatre?

Lily: I got involved in theatre back in 2017. I had taken a few theatre classes for fun, but never really auditioned or even thought about auditioning. Then, I had a friend who told me that QCT was doing Tarzan and encouraged me to audition. I auditioned and was given the opportunity to be a part of that show and have been hooked on everything theatre ever since!

Caleigh: I was inspired by my older sister, Lily. I watched her in many productions, and I was so curious and inspired by what she and her cast mates did on stage. I loved getting to see her full of joy and passion and it drove me to seek my own adventure and journey in theatre!

Abby: I enjoyed watching my sisters perform and thought it looked like a lot of fun. I started performing by attending Basic Training when I was seven.

2. Question: What is one of your favorite stage productions? Why did you choose that?

Lily: One of my favorite productions I have done at QCT is Tarzan. It was so special to me for multiple reasons. First, it was the show that introduced me to my love for theatre. Second, it incorporated American Sign language into the core of the production, and it allowed me to meet people who I may not have met otherwise. It was such a special show to me, and it will always hold a special place in my heart!

Caleigh: My favorite stage production I’ve been a part of at QCT was You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This show was so special because it taught me to find happiness in the small things and due to the tiny cast size, it showed how QCT productions truly help us form close relationships that are like family! That last fact relates to my favorite Broadway show, Wicked. Wicked shows how meeting someone and forming a relationship can change you for good!

Abby: My favorite production I’ve been in has been Little House on the Prairie. I loved getting to know everyone and it was fun to work together. My favorite Broadway production is Wicked. I love how the story connects to the The Wizard of Oz. I also love the music!

3. Question: What is it like to work with your family members in a QCT production?

Lily: I love working with my family on shows! There’s something special about getting to share such a cool experience with my family. QCT is already such an amazing community and to have my family also involved in that community is a huge blessing!

Caleigh: It is truly an amazing experience to share with family. We are able to further connect and grow our relationship. It’s also so cool to get to practice and work on the show together!

Abby: Both shows I’ve been in I’ve had at least one of my family members with me (Little House: Lily and my dad (Justin Twaddle)) and Disney’s Moana, Jr. (Caleigh). Being with my family while working on a show makes the experience so much more fun! We get to enjoy the whole process together rather than just the performances.

4. Question: What do you feel is one of the most fun or rewarding parts of performing? Why do you think that?

Lily: One of the most rewarding parts of performing is seeing how the audience responds to the story. It’s so cool seeing how the story impacted them and how they connected to it!

Caleigh: The most fun part of putting on a show is the bonds that are formed within the cast and the challenge and joy it is to get to take on a character and portray them in a new way.

Abby: Seeing how the show evolves over time. It’s amazing how much the show changes from the very first rehearsals to the last show.

5. Question: What do you feel is one of the most difficult parts of performing, and how do you overcome it?

Lily: The most difficult part of performing for me is getting out of my head. A lot of the time, I overthink before I go onstage, but I have to remind myself that I know what I am doing, and I know my character. It’s all about getting in the mindset of the story and the character.

Caleigh: The hardest part of performing is getting over the swarm of worries and doubts in my head. Taking the step to even audition can be quite scary, but that’s all part of the journey. Once I step out on stage though and the story begins to unfold, my worries diminish and I’m able to live and the moment and tell a beautiful tale.

Abby: Before every show I’m always a little nervous about messing up on my lines or staging. I try to review my lines at home and before the show to make sure I’m confident.

6. Question: 2023 is QCT’s 100th year. With so many exciting productions still ahead, what other shows in QCT’s 2023 season stand out to you, and why?

Lily: I am really excited for Clue and Peter Pan! They are such classic stories, and I am excited to see them come to life on the QCT stage!

Caleigh: I think Clue is going to be an amazing show, and I’m so excited to see how the cast and production team make that thrilling story come to life.

Abby: I’m really excited about Peter Pan because I’m looking forward to seeing the set and how they make Peter Pan fly.

7. Question: What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved at QCT?

Lily: I would tell someone who wants to get involved at QCT to go for it! QCT is such a welcoming and friendly community and I have never felt like I did not have a place at QCT. It is such a great place to get involved! (Fair warning though, once you start volunteering, you won’t be able to stop!)

Caleigh: I would tell them that yes, it is scary to audition but it’s also so fun to get feedback and grow! Being in a show is an amazing experience and you will forever be changed after participating in a QCT production. QCT is such an incredible environment and the people you meet and the community you get to be a part of is so worth it. Step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, but amazing, world of Quincy Community Theatre!

Abby: You should definitely try getting involved at QCT. Everyone is nervous in the beginning. But everyone at QCT is super nice and makes you feel welcome right away.

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