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April Volunteer Spotlight: Jordan Archibald/Elektra Lite

For our April 2023 Volunteer Spotlight, QCT discussed RENT with Jordan Achibald/Elektra Lite (pronouns: they/them).

Jordan makes a triumphant return to Quincy Community Theatre, having previously appeared in Wanda’s World and Camelot. Jordan is also a popular drag performer, Elektra Lite. We are excited to share some of Jordan’s story and experiences with you.

Question: How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with the theatre?

Answer: I started doing theatre in high school at QHS as a way to branch out and make new friends. I then quickly found that doing theatre and performing is extremely meditative and therapeutic for me, and I’ve never gone back!

Question: What does the show RENT mean to you? What do you hope the community learns or experiences with the production?

Answer: RENT is, among a myriad of things, a story that needs to be told. This show sheds a light on a story, historic event, and consistently dismissed experience which should always be remembered. RENT is not just about the events in 1990s NYC. This show is about not having to cope with life alone, the importance of being open to love, and finding your chosen family, or ‘your tribe’, as I like to say.

Question: What is one of your favorite stage productions? Why that choice?

Answer: My proudest achievement as a performer was being an Angel and understudy Lola on the Broadway National Tour of Kinky Boots. That production allowed me to find who I was, perfect my craft, learn how to be an uplifting energy during a creative process, and bring my authentic self to a role. Kinky Boots was my dream show since I was 16 and finding myself in a Broadway-franchise production of the show was, and remains, too incredible to believe at times. I got to travel across the world to Asia in Thailand and Singapore, and throughout North America in Canada and the United States telling a story of love and acceptance (while looking fabulous while doing so). I got to take on my dream role of Lola at 23 and prove to myself with enough hard work, a kid from small town Illinois can do literally ANYTHING.

Question: 2023 is QCT’s 100th year. With so many exciting productions ahead, what other shows in our 2023 season stand out to you, and why?

Answer: I am so excited to see what QCT does with Clue, being a lifelong player of the board game and lover of the 1985 Johnathan Lynn film. This kitschy, campy cult classic is always fun to see and perform. I am WILDLY excited to see what shakes out!

Question: What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved at QCT?

Answer: Don’t hesitate! Shake off the “what if’s” and embrace the excitement of the theatre. You never know what could come of it.

Question: Thanks for taking the time to discuss RENT and your exciting experiences in the performing arts! Do you have any other comments to share?

Answer: I am beyond thrilled to be back home in my old stomping grounds and being given the IMMENSE pleasure and responsibility to tell this story through this ICONIC role. Remember to live every day of life to the fullest and measure your life in love!

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