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Lighting the Way for Generations

Written by Brenda Stalder

When Bill had the opportunity to fill in for an actor in Neil Simon’s Rumors, we had no idea where this journey would take us. At the time, we lived just around the corner from QCLT so Bill walked to rehearsals most of the time. We soon realized that when you do a show, the whole family is involved. Schedules are adjusted, chores neglected, bedtimes missed. But thankfully, knowing how much we each enjoy being on stage, the sacrifices are worth it.

As much as we love being in the spotlight, there’s nothing like watching your children do something they love. We were so fortunate to have had many opportunities to watch our two older kids perform, and we have even shared the stage with them a time or two. QCT was part of their lives from very early on. The experiences they had at the theatre helped them build confidence, forge lifelong friendships, and even learn how to deal with disappointment.

We have been enthusiastic audience members, volunteers, and occasional performers for many years. What keeps us involved is the quality of the productions, the affordability of a fun night out, the adrenaline that comes from performing, the joy of watching friends perform, the connections we’ve forged with other theatre parents, the pride of having one of the best community theatres in the Midwest, the excitement, the ovations, the cast parties…We love everything about QCT!

After a very brief discussion, we decided that being the chairs of this year’s Light the Way campaign was the least we could do to give a little something back to the theatre that has done so much for us and for our family. While the financial and business sides of the theatre are not our forte’, we recognize that adequate funding is what keeps the doors open and allows for amazing productions each season. If we could help raise some money to help ease the burden of financial constraints, we’re happy to do so.

Getting involved is so easy; don’t put it off for another second! You don’t have to audition or be on stage; there are many ways to get involved. You could usher, paint sets, gather props, stage-manage… the opportunities are endless. The friendships you will develop and the memories you will make will keep you coming back. Some of our all-time favorite memories come from our involvement with Quincy Community Theatre and we hope that our theatre friends agree that it is worth the investment. Please contribute to the Light the Way campaign!

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