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Reuschel Report

After more than a year of being physically separated, it was a jubilant return to live theatre with our April production of The Belle of Amherst. Volunteers were back in the building ready to welcome patrons who were excited to return. Lights were hung, a set was constructed, lines were memorized (74 pages’ worth of dialogue by one actress as a matter of fact,) and there was a palpable energy that isn’t easily translated to words on a page. While much of our work to prepare for this historic premiere was routine, it felt almost like a reintroduction to a long lost friend. The extraordinary 14 months leading up to this moment inspired, energized, and even dared us to look at our nearly 100-year-old organization with fresh perspective. This ‘long intermission,’ as many theatres have coined it, gave us the chance to seize these opportunities to reaffirm our work aligned with our mission, to explore new approaches to our programming, and to build new relationships in the community. As you return to the theatre, if you haven’t already, you may find comfort in a familiar environment (and friendly faces).  You may also recognize the incredible change and growth we’ve experienced internally.

QCT is and will always be a hub, a home, a brave space to explore and express one’s self. This sentiment is weaved into the fabric of our existence. QCT is a regional hub for creativity and collaboration, a place where passions are realized and fulfilled, a place where education walks hand-in-hand with all that we do, a place that feels like coming home.  But when the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to physically “come home,” we were faced with the challenge to maintain this important aspect of our mission and to create a sense of home without actually being here. Through our efforts developing “virtual” productions and educational programs last season, we learned an important lesson. QCT is more than just the four walls surrounding our stages.

We don’t expect that every person in our community will be involved with QCT in their lifetime; however, we want every person to know they are welcome. If you haven’t been involved with QCT in the past or it’s been a while, please consider giving us a try. You can take a class, perform administrative tasks in the office, paint a set, help organize the costume shop, audition for an upcoming production, or be an usher for our May show, Wonderful Things: The Songs of Jerry Herman. Whatever your skill, passion, or experience – there is a place for you at QCT, and we can’t wait to introduce (or reintroduce) you to all we have to offer.


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