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Reuschel Report

When I started as Executive Director at QCT, I was constantly amazed by how many people called QCT ‘home’ and referenced others who were involved as their ‘family.’ It didn’t matter if they had been in the most recent production or if it had been 20 years since they stepped foot inside the building; there was a deep-seated connection to this incredible organization that had, in countless ways, shaped and impacted their lives. In those early days, I often found myself envious of their feeling of belonging and worried I wouldn’t experience it since I’m not a ‘theatre person.’ Not to ruin the ending, but if you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past or heard me speak, you’ll know those feelings lasted all of 10 minutes. 

QCT, and I think theatre in general, has this remarkable ability to bring people together and foster deep connection. And, that feeling isn’t just reserved for the individuals who can sing and act and dance. There is an opportunity for everyone to be included whether it’s as a painter in the scene shop, an usher for a production, a member of a committee or the Board of Directors, a props assistant, a ticket scanner, the list goes on and on. Each of these roles is vital to the success of QCT, and each of the individuals who fill them are as much a part of the family as our volunteer actors on stage. 

As we inch closer to a return to the stage, the staff and I get more and more excited each day to welcome back you, our family. As you start to think about what it will mean to have the opportunity to be involved more deeply with QCT again, I would like to ask a favor: when you return, bring a friend. Encourage them to volunteer with you, take a class with you, or audition with you. Share the incredible love and support of the QCT family with others. Our family is made stronger by each person who is involved and by each of their experiences and stories. QCT has always been and will continue to strive to be a home and a family for all. But it is up to each of us to ensure that everyone knows they are welcome and their unique skills, talents, and experiences are needed even if they aren’t spotlighted on stage. 

Maya Angelou once said, “Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.” 

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed ‘theatre nerd’ or a Type A, right brained, spreadsheet loving, mother of three, the QCT family is for you. I can’t wait to see it continue to grow, and thank you for welcoming me and embracing me so fully.

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