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Reuschel Report: A Thank You to QCT Patrons

I am three days shy of celebrating my one-year anniversary with QCT. It’s hard to believe a year has come and gone so quickly, and it’s even harder to believe what’s transpired in these 12 short months.  The question I received most often after I started was, “what do you enjoy most about your new job?” My answer today remains the same but with significantly more meaning and appreciation behind it: it’s the people.

The postponement of the 2020 season, though disappointing, provided us with a unique opportunity to speak to and get to know our season ticket holders better than ever before. Over the course of a couple of weeks, members of our board of directors and I spoke with more than 500 of our season ticket holders. The generosity, support, and encouragement we received from so many of you reminds me how special you are to QCT and how special QCT is to you. I asked a few of our board members who made calls to reflect on their favorite moments and conversations so that you could share in the joy these calls and conversations brought us. You have truly been our ghost light in so many ways during this time, and you and the amazing QCT staff continue to be what I enjoy most about my job. Thank you for your continued support.

From Nora Baldner, QCT Board President:

The majority of season ticket holders I spoke with were so excited that QCT chose to keep the shows of the 2020 season and produce them in 2021. So many ticket holders were following stay at home guidelines and enjoyed chatting once they made their decision about a refund or a donation. Many were supportive of QCT and the decision to delay the whole season immediately rather than deciding month by month. It was nice to be able to check in with patrons to see how they were doing.

I was thankful for the people able to donate, but understood the request for refunds too. Everyone is in a tough situation. QCT supporters are the best no matter how they support the organization.

From Sue Allen, QCT Board Secretary:

It was great making the calls- everyone was so supportive and grateful that we were keeping our season even if delayed a year.

I think the most impressive response was from a couple who generously donated their 19 season tickets to the theatre. They have been faithful ticket holders for over 20 years and I hope I get to usher them to their seats for another 20.

From Julie Schuetz, QCT Board Vice President:

I had the privilege of speaking with some of QCT’s patrons over the past couple of weeks and I was truly humbled by the response from our community. Since this is a time of great uncertainty for so many, I did not know how asking for help would be received. But when I explained how QCT relies on ticket sales to fund our organization, how we faced the unprecedented experience of keeping our organization going without any ticket sales in 2020, and how those ticket sales are crucial to QCT continuing to provide quality entertainment and educational opportunities, the response was overwhelmingly positive. I had more than one patron tell me that they had been laid off, but still wanted to donate what they could. I had more than one patron tell me that the tickets were gifts from grandparents, parents, spouses, friends, and that seeing shows together with those family and friends was an important part of their lives. I had a patron tell me about how much the QCT education program means to her children and even though one of her children was recovering from cancer, they wanted us to know if in addition to giving money if they could volunteer in any way to help us through this time that they would like to help. I had the chance to speak with patrons who have been purchasing tickets for over 50 years and still love their QCT “date nights.” And even some who could not afford to donate during these hard times told me that they wished they could and would do what they could to support QCT as soon as they are able again someday. Most importantly I learned that the QCT community is full of the kindest, most supportive patrons and volunteers, and it is the QCT community that makes QCT so great.


-Sara Reuschel

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