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Sara Rueschel’s Goal for 2020

Q&A with Executive Director, Sara Rueschel
How long have you worked at QCT?
Sara: I’ve worked at Quincy Community Theatre for 7 months!
What is something you enjoy about working at Quincy Community Theatre?
Sara: From the talented staff who works tirelessly to ensure your experience with the theatre is top-notch, to the devoted volunteers who step up at a moment’s notice, and the patrons who loyally support us; the community in Quincy COMMUNITY Theatre is unmatched.
Is there a goal you are working towards in 2020 or your mantra for the year?
Sara: My word for 2020 is PRESENT! I am a working mom of three who loves to be involved in the community. Because of that, I am often simultaneously pulled in different directions. I don’t think it’s fully possible to separate home life from work life from community involvement because they overlap in so many amazing ways; however, my focus this year is to ensure that each interaction, whether personally or professionally, gets my full attention. A few of the ways I plan to live this out is to keep my phone in my purse each evening so my family get my undivided attention. I will slow down and take time to prepare and focus before each staff and board meeting so they will feel confident in my ability to guide this amazing organization strategically and intentionally. I want our volunteers to feel appreciated for the many amazing talents they have and the hours they generously give. I commit to getting out from behind my desk to spend time with them when they’re at the theatre or take time to have individual conversations when I House Manage a show. It seems so easy to get distracted, but I intend this to be the year when my focus changes and my mind remains PRESENT.
What is a favorite play or musical you’ve seen? (Can be at QCT or elsewhere) 
Sara: When I think of a favorite show, a few come to mind. Due to the sheer magnitude, and of course the amazing music, The Lion King blew me away (not seen at QCT.) Two QCT productions that still give me goosebumps when I think of them or talk about them are Tarzan and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

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