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Thomsen Talk: September 2015

septemberWhy do I love The Big Clean? Because I love to clean? No. I don’t love to clean. I did not inherit that gene from my mother. I love The Big Clean because it brings together so many QCT volunteers in a social and productive way. Without the pressure of a performance, we come together to accomplish a mission in a very laid back way. A range of ages participates, and it’s neat to see all of them taking such pride in cleaning and reorganizing their theatre. And then there’s the food! Such a great time of fellowship after a hard day’s work, catching up on ‘what have you been doing since your last show’ and swapping anecdotes from past shows.

All right, so the Big Clean just happened, so why does it sound like I’m trying to plug The Big Clean. I’m not. I’m trying to plug the Membership Meeting. It’s that same feeling of fellowship. These meetings bring together people who have been long time volunteers and perhaps those who are interested in getting involved for the first time. You get to socialize with people with whom you have at least one thing in common: QCT! And then there’s the food! The meeting is a relaxing time to visit, hear updates on your theatre and enjoy a great meal.

Come to the Membership Meeting and you’ll understand why I love The Big Clean.

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