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I Am…Otello!

maria and titoWhile the rest of you were on “holiday” this weekend, the cast and crew of LEND ME A TENOR were celebrating Tech Weekend. For those of you who have not had that particular pleasure, it is that time when everything comes together. Costumes, props, set, lights and sound.

And while the crew was busy onstage, the cast sat in the Green Room on Saturday and read from the script – every line. At this stage of the game, it was just what we needed. That opportunity to hear the scenes when your character is not involved, but give you background and intention for your entrance.

What I learned about my character is that I AM OTELLO! While there is no character named Otello in the play, the entire show revolves around an operatic performance of the famous Shakespeare play. The Managing Director of the opera describes him as “…larger than life. He loves with a passion that rocks the heavens. His jealousy is so terrible that we tremble with irrational fear for our very lives.”

Lightbulb! That’s Maria! As the wife of the most famous operatic tenor in the world, “Il Stupendo”, my jealousy of Tito’s co-stars and fans explodes into rage at the thought of his being unfaithful. To top that off, Tito is proud and does not want to appear weak in front of these strangers, so does not eat properly – or take his pills. Arguments ensue… and I walk out!

My entrance in Act 2 is fraught with opportunity – unlike Otello I have a chance to make things right. My jealousy does not have to end our relationship. I have… “One more chance!” and I’m going to make it work… or will I?

Come and see the performance to find out!



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