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You Know Dogwood

DogwoodYou know Dogwood. It is the beautiful tree you see all over Quincy, known to horticulturists and Wikipedia junkies as Cornus Florida. Of course you know Dogwood.

It is also the premier celebration of spring in Quincy, Illinois. The annual Dogwood Festival is Quincy’s spring event opener. Over the years it has included parades, neighborhood parties, amusement rides and booths, fairs, and chainsaw carving. Quincy has had a Dogwood Bowl football tournament and even had young royalty presiding over the weekend. You know Dogwood and it’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal for us, too. Quincy Community Theatre’s production of MAMA WON’T FLY opens during Dogwood, and QCT will also be represented in the parade on Saturday, May 2nd on beautiful Maine Street. Not only will there be an appearance by Mama and her road trippers, we will be joined by Cheryl Kaiser’s Dance Troupe. 

Yet, the quality of our representation could really be enhanced if you would come to QCT and help us build and decorate our float on the 27th and 29th of April and the 1st of May (4:00-8:00 PM). It will certainly be a grand event, so come help us build or join us in the parade.  (Or at least come watch the parade!!)

dagwoodYes, you know Dogwood. But how well do you know Dagwood? That’s right, Dagwood. The pater familias of the Bumstead clan brought to life in your newspaper’s comics pages in 1933 by Chic Young. How well do you know the man whose name is synonymous with a precariously piled high and topped off with an olive sandwich? How well do you know the man whose haircut is more mysterious and possibly more famous than Donald Trump’s? You probably think you know Dagwood almost as well as you know Dogwood.

But, do you know that Dagwood did not have to work as an office manager for J. C. Dithers and Company. He did not have to be the perennial  source of pain for the mailman and irritation of his fellow car-poolers. What is the real story of Dagwood Bumstead? What fortune did Dagwood give up in order to be with the love of his life?  (And who wouldn’t love a gal named Blondie Boopadoop?) If you know, or when you find out, which I know you will, come join me at the Dogwood parade and tell me.  I’ll hand you some Tootsie Rolls to give out along the parade route! Then you will truly know Dogwood (and Dagwood)!

MAMA WON’T FLY opens on April 30th and runs through May 10th. Get your tickets now for this hilarious show! The Dogwood Parade is Saturday, May 2nd, so come join us as we celebrate Dogwood and Dagwood. And as always…

“Remember…..Let’s be careful out there.”


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