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One day nearer to opening!

We began our journey on May 28 with our first cast meeting. Less than two months later, we’re getting ready to open! It’s been a fantastic journey and will only get better from here.

This past weekend was tech rehearsal, the longest and most challenging part of the process. We had a good show to begin with: a great cast full of talented and dedicated actors to bring the characters off the page. But to make a good show a great show, to bring the story to life, requires much more than just the people singing and dancing.

A great show needs great music, and the Les Misérables orchestra is nothing short of phenomenal. From the harp to the piccolo, from the French horn to the recorder, from the cello to that oboe solo, the orchestra drives the show with airy lullabies and fierce beats. 

Now that we have a great show, the final elements to produce the epic wonder of Les Misérables are the lighting and sound. Gunshots, smoke, blazing lights. The world of these characters comes to life in the atmosphere surrounding them. The burning days in Paris, the cool garden night, the shadowy winter woods are constructed all by intricately designed lighting.

The lights, sounds, and orchestrations of Les Misérables ensnare the senses and catapult the classic novel into an almost tangible experience of love, sacrifice, and atonement. But don’t just take my word for it. Come see for yourself!

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