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New Managing Artistic Director

Greetings to everyone in Quincy and the surrounding areas. My name is Lenny Bart and I am delighted to be the new Managing Artistic Director for Quincy Community Theatre. I originally hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but have been working and living in New York City/New Jersey for the last 27 years. I am a professional actor, director and designer. I’ve taught theater at the middle, high school and college level. I’ve toured to 46 states, performed in Europe twice and have performed or directed in many off & off-off Broadway venues, as well as in many of New Jersey’s finest theatres (feel free to log onto NY Times web site or Google me if you are interested in reading some of my acting or directing reviews).

For the last 10 years I was Artistic Director for 12 Miles West Theatre Company as well as an actor and director for Pushcart Players (both in NJ). 12 Miles West led a nomadic existence for a while due to the volatile real estate market, and the company was having difficulties maintaining funding and developing an audience base or being able to offer educational programs due to the fact we were sharing other groups’ spaces. When Pushcart Players offered me their Artistic Director position, I took it. I loved the company, but I discovered that I was in a place where 95% of my time was dealing with administrative duties. I felt a need to be more involved on the artistic side.

I came across the ad for the MAD position a few months back and decided to apply for the job. When I advanced to the next round of consideration, I began to do some research on Quincy. I just couldn’t believe my findings: A town of approximately 40,000 that supported a theatre, a symphony, an art center and opera company, a blues festival, a film festival, multiple museums major media outlets and more! How could it be? When the Search Committee flew me in for the final round, I decided to bring my wife Tricia along so we could see if this town was for real-and it was. Everyone has been so nice and supportive that I can only try my hardest to do a great job! I know that Barbara and Dominic had both done an exceptional job in the past and that I have big shoes to fill. But fill I will with the help and support of this exceptional community. I look forward to learning from our fantastic staff and board of directors (current & past) and in continuing to work in a cooperative manner with all of our generous donors, season ticket holders and sponsors. I know how the arts can make an impact on peoples lives, and I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work on producing and presenting some of the finest theatre Quincy can provide.

Please come on by and say hello. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

Lenny Bart

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