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QCT On The Road

QCT on the Road brings a full production to local schools, libraries, and community facilities. The production and students change from year to year, but the goal remains the same: to expose as many students as possible to the performing arts!

2018 Touring Production


by Wade Bradford

SOLD! Lauren, Sarah, and their mom just purchased a trunk filled with junk—or so they think. While their mom is away, artists and innovators from the Impressionism Movement pop out of the trunk! Mary Cassatt, Thomas Edison, and others teach the girls—and the audience—that inspiration is everywhere. You simply need to “keep your eyes and mind open, and capture whatever makes an impression.”

Target Audience:
K-6th grade

Tour Dates:
April 23-June 9, 2018

Performance Fee:
Performance fees start at $200 and are based on number of students, performance date, and distance from our theatre. For a quote, call 217-222-3209 ext. 108.

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Presented in collaboration with:



Mary Cassatt, Anna Pavlova, Claude Monet, Orville Wright, Art Critic
Mom, Assistant #1, Isadora Duncan, Nellie Bly, Nikola Tesla, Boy (Picasso)
Auctioneer, Assistant #2, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Thomas Edison, Wilbur Wright

Performances On The Road!

IMPRESSIONS OF YESTERDAY performances in red are open to the general public.


If your want QCT on the Road to visit your school, please contact Head of Education/Director of Student Theatre Kelsey Celek at education@1qct.org or (217) 222-3209.

Our Sponsors

Funded in part by the Starcatcher Scholarships, Kohl’s Associates in Action, Illinois Arts Council, the city of Quincy, and the business and individual members of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.

Past QCT On The Road Productions

American Fairy Tales

Toured April 21-June 9, 2017

by Kelsey Celek; Based on the Stories by L. Frank Baum | Corey and Morgan are siblings who LOVE to read. They love it so much that they’ve put together a play to share a few of their all-time favorite stories by L. Frank Baum. With help from the audience and some important theatrical and literary terms, these siblings teach us that we each have the power to do incredible things when we use our imaginations!


April-June 2016

Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield

by Dinah Toups | Experience theatre in a totally new way! TOTALLY RED!, adapted from the beloved fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood,” first introduces us to Red (who is nobody’s fool), the wolf (who tries to be cool), and granny (who is sometimes left in the dark). This fast-paced production then adapts the timeless tale to five different theatrical styles: a humorous storybook retelling; melodrama (The Perils of Being Miss Red); Elizabethan (Much Ado About Red); hip-hop (REDz in the Hood); and avant-garde (Call the Moment RED). Written for audiences of all ages, this is the perfect show to both entertain and educate!


Toured April 2015

Sponsored by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, the city of Quincy and the business and individual members of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.

by Debbie Lamedman | Snowflakes is a “theatrical documentary” exploring the beauty and wonder of autism. The story follows Suzanna, a photographer who is interviewing people on the autism spectrum to learn more about their lives and their unique qualities. This incredibly moving production traveled to schools across the Tri-States during the month of April in celebration of Autism Awareness Month and continued throughout the month of May. QCT On The Road partnered with the Quincy Area Autism Support Group for this production, and a representative from the group traveled with the performers for a post-show question and answer session regarding issues explored in the play.