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The New Faces of SISTER ACT

One of the amazing things about Quincy Community Theatre is the opportunities it brings to actors young and old, those who have spent a lot of time on the stage and those who have newly realized their passion for the bright lights. While you’ll recognize some familiar faces taking advantage of these opportunities, Sister Act … Continued

Ensemble—Just My Forte

Ensemble. What does that mean? A group of actors, musicians, or dancers who perform together. But not every member of a company has a distinct name or character. While ‘Tree Number Two’ may not seem like the most glamorous of titles, sometimes it may be enough to give the audience a laugh or jolt of … Continued

Getting Into the SISTER ACT Habits!

When someone says Sister Act, the immediate picture that comes to mind is… And rightly so! The joyful dancing nuns in our production of Sister Act have become a beautiful and hilarious depiction of the various lives and personalities within our convent. Our nun ensemble includes Emily Dozier (Sister Mary Robert), Mallory Krieger (Sister Mary … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Mallory Krieger

Laughs will never come easier than when you’re watching Mallory Krieger in Sister Act. When she’s not onstage as Sister Mary Patrick, Mallory is the Sustainable Local Food Coordinator at JWCC and enjoys quilting, but onstage she is our Sister Mary Patrick – a delightful, loud, and accepting nun. Although Mallory is no stranger to … Continued

SISTER ACT from Screen to Stage

SISTER ACT is one of those movies that catch you as you’re flipping through channels. The moment you see Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Kathy Najimy, and Wendy Makkena in their habits it’s game over. You’re in for the rest of the movie. Now, nothing new can happen when you watch the same movie 50 times. … Continued

Thomsen Talk: July 2016

“Sit back and relax” is such a popular expression with watching entertainment, and yet it seems all wrong for live theatre. When I was teaching, I would tell students to be active audience members. After watching a movie, a play, or a singer, ask questions: why did I like or not like that; what worked, … Continued

The Heat of a Sister Actin’ Summer

It. Is. Hot. Summer is here! And where is all this heat coming from? From no where else, but the INFERNO, that is Sister Act. Rehearsals have been going for several weeks now, and with every attendance, the cast of Sister Act shows that they will bring the heat and raise the temperature every time. … Continued

Historicizing SISTER ACT

Theatre is an art that embarks on the task of telling a story.  More often than not it’s someone else’s story – a true story. Now, the story of a night club singer joining a convent isn’t necessarily a true story, but the setting and issues at hand in the production depict a truth. It … Continued

What A Nunderful World: The Lovely Message Behind “Sister Act”

Hello there! For those of you who aren’t aware, QCT has taken on a few new interns for the summer including myself, Mackenzie Finklea. We will be doing some awesome things like assisting with the summer classes (so sign up for them!) and creating beautiful blog post masterpieces just like this one. I am lucky … Continued

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