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Where’s My Shoe?

When I first arrive at the theatre to get ready for the show, my shoes are another prop or costume piece I set. I go through a checklist of the entire show and place certain costumes and props where I will need to change into them (sometimes in a matter of seconds) or use them … Continued

Better than a Hallmark Movie

Raise your hand if one of these statements applies to you. If you’re above the age of 18, have a pulse, cable TV, and feel feelings, there’s an insanely high chance that you’ve probably watched part (or all) of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. There’s an even higher chance you (or someone you know) is … Continued

Hope and Christmas in a Parfumerie

There’s something about the holidays that’s…hopeful, don’t you think? In fact, I’d say that’s really what this time of year is all about: hope. Freshly fallen snow glistens on the roofs and the treetops. We fill our homes with family and friends and resolutions. Eagerly, breathlessly, we wait for the world to renew. Mistletoe hangs … Continued

A Chance to Relax

If your calendar looks anything like mine, it’s starting to fill with all kinds of holiday-related activities, from the family Thanksgiving dinner in just a few weeks, to the holiday parties, gift shopping, decorating, planning, baking, and so many other activities that fill our lives as fall transitions into that “most wonderful time of year.” … Continued

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