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Remembering Paul Denckla

On November 4, people from all over the Tri-States gathered to remember an artist, father, friend, and one of the best Technical Directors we’ve ever known: Paul Denckla. Among those sharing stories of Paul were QCT Executive Director Dan Conboy and Artistic Director Brandon Thomsen. Below are the transcripts of the speeches they presented in … Continued

Paul’s Space

The Oakley Lindsay Center is a large building, not yet quaint, even though it has been the home of Quincy Community Theatre for 21 years. As a small company with a strong history, we look forward to someday becoming quaint. Maybe when stone, iron, and wood become “modern,” steel and glass will graduate to “quaint.” … Continued

Thomsen Talk: October 2016

When giving tours to school groups of the QCT facility, we make a stop outside the board room. I explain that our shows begin in that room. Members of the production team sit around the big table, talking and dreaming. I then introduce to the students the term “collaboration,” defining it as a “group of … Continued

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