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Lines From OUR TOWN That Hit Me Where I Live

Over the past quarter century, I have taught OUR TOWN to high school juniors, trying as best I can to make it relevant. It is not a play that always resonates with 17-year olds, yet it is one that sticks in one’s memory as we grow older and become more aware of the meaning of … Continued

Someone Hears Every Word

OUR TOWN opened at Quincy Community Theatre this past weekend. Thorton Wilder’s story, as many of you know, is timeless. Well, now that I read my words, I am thinking it really was time-ful. It doesn’t so much provoke new thought, but it inspires one to simply relate to a time in your life and … Continued

Time and Connection

Sandwiched between two saucy musicals, QCT’s production of OUR TOWN might have a tendency to disappoint the playgoers of our community. Please, please, please, attendees, do not let this happen! Thornton Wilder, the playwright, somber though he is, meant for this play to represent us—the way we are at every moment of our lives—and after. … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Doris Sanders

QCT volunteer and actress Doris Sanders has had an opportunity that few performers have had: a chance to go back. Like the character that she once played, Doris is reliving an experience—this time with a new perspective. We caught up with this incredible woman to ask her about this new OUR TOWN experience…   Q: … Continued

Thomsen Talk: September 2017

You know what show scared me the most to work on this season? Our Town. Yep. A play with no set and no props terrified me the most. Why? Expectations. Our Town has been seen onstage since 1938, and it has baggage. It’s a play people love, hate, have read willingly, have been forced to … Continued

News Editor by Day, Stage Manager by Night

It is often said that the people of QCT put the “Community” in “Community Theatre.” I’m always fascinated by the diverse groups of actors who come together to make up a show. Some are repeat actors who have been in many shows, some are brand new to QCT. Local professionals, students, stay-at-home moms, retirees – … Continued

The Way We Should Be

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and you notice that a friend of yours from high school is friends with another one of your Facebook friends? Curiosity takes over, and you message one of them and ask “how do you know so-and-so?” and after your … Continued

OUR TOWN. Every Town. Your Town.

Last Sunday, after a great run, we said goodbye to Dolly Levi and the people of Yonkers, New York. I hope you had a chance to make it to the show. There were so many wonderful moments: the music, the humor, the way Dolly sparkled when she made her grand entrance. I loved all of … Continued

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