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The Music of Avonlea

Where to start? There is barely a quiet moment in the show; even when there is dialog, the music is setting the tone. It is suspenseful when Anne is getting into trouble, and joyful when she is happy. The piano is like her friend she brings along where ever she goes, setting music to her … Continued

The Music Tells the Tale

Over the course of the last few months, this blog has explored various aspects of the story of SWEENEY TODD, and while I have touched a few times on the music of the show, it seems fitting for the music of SWEENEY to get its own post the week we open the show (coincidentally also … Continued

The Heat of a Sister Actin’ Summer

It. Is. Hot. Summer is here! And where is all this heat coming from? From no where else, but the INFERNO, that is Sister Act. Rehearsals have been going for several weeks now, and with every attendance, the cast of Sister Act shows that they will bring the heat and raise the temperature every time. … Continued

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