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Last Sunday, after a great run, we said goodbye to Dolly Levi and the people of Yonkers, New York. I hope you had a chance to make it to the show. There were so many wonderful moments: the music, the humor, the way Dolly sparkled when she made her grand entrance. I loved all of … Continued

Hello, Matchmakers!

Dolly Levi has matchmaking skills beyond compare. And besides finding the perfect mate, she also re-bones surgical corsets, re-plugs pierced ears, and arranges short-distance hauling, among other things. Though not laying claim to all those accomplishments, a fellow cast mate and I can be proud of our matchmaking abilities. James Riley (Rudolph and ensemble) has … Continued

Look! I’m Dancing!

For me, HELLO, DOLLY! is about adventures. As the various characters embark on their individual adventures, it seems to be a requirement that they learn how to dance along the way. Ambrose has to learn to dance to become financially independent to support Ermengarde. Cornelius and Barnaby have to learn to dance to take Irene … Continued

Thomsen Talk: July 2017

June is bustin’ out all over! What? It’s not June? It’s July? It’s JULY? What happened to June? Shoot! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?   When I came to QCT in 2006 as the director of student theatre, QCT was in rehearsals for the summer musical, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The following summer was … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Mary Lynne Arms

Dolly Gallagher Levi is a larger-than-life personality. To fill a role like this one, you need an actress with grace, with charm, and with a warmth that sets every heart in the room aglow. You need Mary Lynne Arms…   Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself… A: Well, I’d like to consider myself … Continued

It’s So Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong

If you’ve been watching social media lately, you know that everyone around QCT is excited about HELLO, DOLLY!. Sets are being built, costumes are being sewn, music and dance numbers are being rehearsed to perfection. There’s a delightful energy that is building for this show and it’s contagious. Perhaps, though, no one is quite as … Continued

An American Classic

This week, we celebrated America’s Independence Day on the Fourth of July. It is perhaps one of the only days of the year where most people set aside their political posturing and opinionating and celebrate that we are all Americans and that no matter what may divide us, this shared history and freedom still unites … Continued

Trying Times and Timing Tries

During the summers of my college career, I worked at an aluminum die casting factory in Monroe City called Kuhlman’s Diecasting. I mostly operated a trim press machine trimming aluminum waffle plates that would later become the major component of a Presto Waffle Maker. The job was not hard as the machine did 90% of … Continued

Joining the Parade

The story of HELLO, DOLLY is magical. At first glance, the musical revolves around love. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, it’s everything you want in entertainment. There is joy, there is a sweet somberness, and there is adventure. I believe that the true heart of the story is found right before the close of Act I … Continued

Meet Dolly!

If you’ve been around musical theatre very long, you’ve undoubtedly heard of HELLO, DOLLY!. The musical first opened in 1964, winning 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The show became one of the most iconic Broadway shows of its era (the latter half of the 1960s). It ran for 2,844 performances and was the longest-running … Continued

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