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Thomsen Talk: April 2016

Stories begin. Stories continue. One of the final lines in CAMELOT is “What we did will be remembered.” Whether our production of CAMELOT will be remembered throughout the ages remains to be seen, and even if my mind goes tomorrow, which is likely, working on CAMELOT provided me with one of the most satisfying theatre … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Aaron Speckhart

Ever since he can remember, Aaron Speckhart has been fascinated by the art of storytelling. Books, movies, video games, television; so long as there is a good story to be told, Aaron is drawn to listen. Until, of course, he discovered CAMELOT. Acting is something that has always drawn Aaron’s interest. Naturally so, for what … Continued

Remembering Dreams of CAMELOT

Our 2016 season opens with CAMELOT – the story of King Arthur, his beloved Guenevere and Lancelot, and the fate of his idyllic kingdom. The well-known Arthurian legend and beautiful Lerner & Loewe score make CAMELOT a classic in musical theatre. The original Broadway production garnered multiple Tony award nominations in 1961, and the film … Continued

Thomsen Talk: March 2016

I hate musicals. What is “Things you’ll never hear Brandon Thomsen say,” Alex. I’m a sucker for musical theatre, but there are many out there who despise it (dare I say with a passion), and I can understand why. We’re talking… we’re talking… and then suddenly… we’re SINGING!!! Oh, no… and now…. oh please no…. … Continued

Politics and Musical Theatre

Is it just me or has anyone else shut off the recent political debates only to have your mind go immediately to Musical Theatre? No? Don’t you sometimes think, “This is very wrong! Maybe Sondheim or Jeanine Tesori could compose the music, right? Then we could adapt some of the politicos’ real words with some … Continued

Don’t Miss the Details

Often we take a classic story, like the tales of King Arthur and the Round Table, or a classic musical, like CAMELOT, and look down on it from 30,000 feet. We throw grand generalized banners over it like “Legendary” and “Epic.” We build towering two dimensional pedestals for the characters in the story… Arthur is … Continued

Thomsen Talk: February 2016

“One brief shining moment that was known as Camelot….rehearsals!” Rehearsals can be exhausting, tedious, and exhilarating! Often all in the same night! The job of an actor is to lift the words off the page and breathe life into them. What that life could possibly be is discovered throughout the rehearsal process. In rehearsals we … Continued


Nic Starman has quite a few jobs on his resume: life guard, Air Force mechanic, chiropractor; now he’s adding something a little bit different to that list: actor. After working in several parts of the country for 17 years, the Quincy native has returned home and will be starring as the famed knight, Sir Lancelot, … Continued

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