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The Music of Avonlea

Where to start? There is barely a quiet moment in the show; even when there is dialog, the music is setting the tone. It is suspenseful when Anne is getting into trouble, and joyful when she is happy. The piano is like her friend she brings along where ever she goes, setting music to her … Continued

Changing—and Changed by—Avonlea

Do we mold our characters to ourselves? Or do we mold ourselves to our characters? In ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, we have done both. It has been fascinating to watch my castmates add aspects of their personalities to their characters and even more fun to watch their characters influence their personalities. Natalie Clark is a … Continued

Kindred Spirits

Hi! My name is Margot Molidor, and I am a senior in high school. I play Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend and kindred spirit, in QCT’s production of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. As Anne’s bosom friend (Anne likes big words, but bosom really just means best), I’d like to think I understand how important friendship … Continued

Everything’s Coming Up Anne

One of the fantastic things about telling the story of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is that everyone knows and loves the tale of the imaginative, red-headed orphan. Just like the townspeople in Avonlea, we find Anne enchanting. I grew up reading the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES books and watching the movies, just like so many others. … Continued

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