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The Magic of Love

Any given Friday night can be magical. Think about it. You could be falling in love, falling out of love, finding out that the awkward date you’re on is definitely not going to lead to love, rediscovering new things about love that you never even knew. Yes, some of those things are painful. In the … Continued

Thomsen Talk: September 2016

Several years ago I directed a play based on the book The Giver. The setting is a community in the future that entrusts all of the memories of the past to one individual. The community has no sense of joy, pain, color or love. A young boy named Jonas is assigned as the next Receiver … Continued

Who is responsible?

When it comes to love there are always a lot of questions and emotions swirling about. One of those might be, “Who is responsible for me being where I am in this relationship? Is it me? Or could it be someone else’s fault?” It’s usually never a happy situation when you are asking a question … Continued

Unpredictable Love

Love is unpredictable. That’s what I love about Almost, Maine. It speaks such high volumes to the challenges and spontaneity of love. Unpredictable love is exactly what I experienced. It sneaks up on you when you feel like everything is going fine, and no matter how much you resist it, you eventually are doomed to … Continued

Love in the Time of Wedding Planning

or  Why are there so many sunflowers in my living room? I’m getting married. In 17 days. *gulp* The flurry of tulle and lace has got me a little bit overwhelmed. Really, the wedding planning business is craaaaaaazy. All of the sudden, I have feelings about flower arrangements; people want me to tell them what … Continued

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