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Quincy Community Theatre is so much more than what you see on stage.

From the countless hours our staff and volunteers spend preparing, to the education courses, QCT has more going on back stage than you may realize.


Start your backstage journey today!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our organization! From building sets to greeting patrons, selling tickets to cleaning the theatre, there are always opportunities to volunteer at Quincy Community Theatre.

Backstage Blogs

Quincy Community Theatre wants to give you a look behind-the-scenes! In our backstage blogs, you’ll get artistic perspectives, historical background, and exclusive backstage looks on QCT and its upcoming productions from our directors, cast, and crew.

Costume Rentals

Quincy Community Theatre is a major resource for costumes our area. Whether it’s for Halloween or a special event, costume rentals from our stock are available for schools, organizations, and personal use year-round.