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A Day in the Life of a Community Theatre Actress

Auditioning for a role in a community theatre production requires courage… The anticipation. The preparation. The nerves! Accepting a role in the cast requires commitment…The time – six to seven weeks of studying, rehearsals, and productions. The energy – and that has never been more apparent to me as in this very physical, very energetic … Continued

I Am…Otello!

While the rest of you were on “holiday” this weekend, the cast and crew of LEND ME A TENOR were celebrating Tech Weekend. For those of you who have not had that particular pleasure, it is that time when everything comes together. Costumes, props, set, lights and sound. And while the crew was busy onstage, … Continued

Lights! Camera! Phone!

No, we are not filming the current production of LEND ME A TENOR on our cellphones, but it does give me the opportunity to talk about… props. The ones at the theatre, that is! Yes, the prop room has spilled over into the surrounding area of the basement and other closet storage areas as we … Continued

Vocabulary Lesson

Today’s vocabulary lesson… Collation “Impressive, the things you learn through Community Theatre!” That was Stage Manager Jeri Conboy’s remark after a discussion of the dialogue during post-rehearsal notes Thursday night. The word does not pertain to my character, is not even uttered when I am on stage. But I am now wiser as a result … Continued


“Door!” “Max!” If LEND ME A TENOR rehearsals were a drinking game and these were the trigger words, we would all be hilariously “lit” by the end of the night! The stage will soon be set with six doors – ones that will open and close and make lots of noise. Yes, there are currently … Continued

Into the Spotlight

From the dark, into the spotlight! Over my fifteen year association with QCT, I have had some opportunities onstage, but found more fulfillment behind the scenes – either running crew, assembling props, dressing the stage, or working on costumes. Much of that is done in the dark. Bumps, bruises, and scrapes are commonplace as I … Continued

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