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One day nearer to opening!

We began our journey on May 28 with our first cast meeting. Less than two months later, we’re getting ready to open! It’s been a fantastic journey and will only get better from here. This past weekend was tech rehearsal, the longest and most challenging part of the process. We had a good show to … Continued

The Cockade Pin

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Les Misérables is the cockade rosette pin that the Friends of the ABC wear in the battle. They’re very famous and sell like hotcakes on Etsy. But what exactly do they mean? The blue, white, and red are clearly the colors of the French flag, but the … Continued

Combat Weekend

It was a busy weekend for the cast of Les Misérables. Not only did this talented group of individuals make a surprise appearance at the Midsummer Arts Faire with a performance of “One Day More,” but many spent the days learning fight choreography.   Les Misérables is a very combat-intensive production. Anything involving a slap, a … Continued

ABC 123, or How to Identify the Barricade Boys

Joly and Feuilly and Prouvaire, oh my! The Friends of the ABC (affectionately known as the Barricade Boys) are a major part of this grand epic. In fact, one half of the second act is set at the barricades. Yet it’s hard to tell the difference between Combferre and Courfeyrac, Joly and Jehan, and Bahorel … Continued

The Real Lovely Ladies

One of the catchiest earworms of Les Misérables is “Lovely Ladies,” a song inspired by the French ladies of the night. It’s a dismal life for women, made even more tragic by the final refrain of the song after several jaunty, humorous verses. Today, we have a very different view of this career, but what many … Continued

The Road So Far

Seven weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time to put on a musical as fantastical and challenging as Les Misérables. The first three days, we did table work and read the script aloud. It wasn’t until Monday, June 2 that we actually started to block our musical numbers. It’s overwhelming to think about. When you … Continued

Sunday Fun Facts: Fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve dug a little deeper into the family histories of our beloved characters to recognize and honor their fathers. Jean Valjean lost his parents at a young age. His mother died of milk fever, but his father died in a work-related accident. Jean Valjean, Sr. (also called Vlajean) was a … Continued

Spotlight: Costume Designer

It’s no secret that theatre is an extremely collaborative art. It’s not all about the actors onstage. A great deal of putting on a fantastic show is in the combined efforts of the production team members. This week, we’ll take a look at the goings-on of the costume shop and QCT’s resident costume designer, Anna … Continued

What’s the word?

Walking into a rehearsal or can be daunting enough without feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Like most other professions, the theatre has a lingo all its own. Many actors, crew members, and sometimes even theatregoers are suddenly thrust into this foreign dialect and end up more confused than when they started. Fear … Continued

Sunday Fun Facts: The Thénardiers

In the musical Les Misérables, we know that Monsieur and Madame Thénardier run an inn, a cover-up for swindling their customers out of their earnings and their possessions. We also learn that when their daughter, Éponine, grows up, she also assists them in their scams. They make a not-so-happy family of three, which is sadly … Continued

#ThrowbackThursday: The June Rebellion

Today marks the 182nd anniversary of the event that inspired Victor Hugo’s classic novel and the musical we’ve come to know and love.But it’s not the French Revolution.In fact, the French Revolution ended in 1799, sixteen years before Jean Valjean is released from his sentence. The battles fought in Les Misérables are actually part of … Continued

The people sing!

Last night was the first music rehearsal for Les Misérables and boy, can this cast sing! This show heavily features its ensemble and groups of voices, rather than focusing solely on soloists. The column of sound that this cast created was mind-blowing. With powerful lyrics and rich chords, songs like One Day More, Do You … Continued

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