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Here comes the show. No more rehearsals. It begins. I am…so very tired. Enthusiastic, though. Stress is only natural, but I went through it last week. My nerves were frayed, my spirit crushed, my emotions drained away. I tried to fake my way through rehearsal, go through the motions, but it didn’t work. People noticed. … Continued

You Won’t Succeed in Quincy

One of SPAMALOT‘s biggest numbers is “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway,” a song about the ubiquity, and indeed necessity, of Jewish people in show business, with the refrain, “You won’t succeed on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews.” As this is largely an American notion, the script contains an alternative for British audiences, changing … Continued

A Brief History of SPAM

I first discovered Monty Python and the Holy Grail at the age of 12 among a large collection of DVDs. It was a very big “special edition” sort of DVD case, so it caught my eye. I don’t remember what I was expecting, but what I saw was…life-changing. It can be difficult for a person … Continued

I’d Like to Dance!

I’m a very shy and quiet person. Get me in my element, however, and suddenly I’m the most enthusiastic person in the room. As I’m only confident when I feel like I’m an expert, I sometimes become a bit of a jerk. That’s why it’s fortunate, then, that a Broadway show turned out to be, … Continued

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